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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds pledges to continue fight for Heartbeat bill in court in her “Condition of the State” address

by | Jan 10, 2024

In her January 9th speech Gov. Reynolds also called for more assistance for new mothers.

“As we continue to fight for the law in the courts, I want to thank you for putting Iowa firmly on the side of life.  

“By passing the heartbeat bill, we affirmed an essential truth: every Iowan counts.  

“To continue building a robust culture of life, we must also do everything in our power to ensure new moms and their families—especially those who are struggling—have what they need to make ends meet.  

“Today, Medicaid only covers postpartum care for two months after birth. I’m proposing to expand that coverage to 12 months, for new moms who make less than $42,000 a year.  

“Let’s do more to help moms, babies, and their families get off to a good start.” 

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