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New Jersey pro-abortion Gov. Murphy continues his relentless assault on unborn babies in his State of the State Address

by | Jan 10, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Not to coin a phrase, but New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy [D] is a piece of work. Simply put, is there no limit to his love affair with abortion? Well, actually there isn’t.

We’ve written about him here here and here and here. And that’s for starters.

In Tuesday’s State of the State Address, Murphy tooted his own horn obsessively.

“New Jersey will always be a safe haven for reproductive freedom,” he bragged. “Period.”

Murphy recited just some of his attacks on the unborn in his speech, warning that “There is no sugarcoating it: Women’s health care in America is in a state of crisis.” (Health care, of course, is code for abortion on demand.)

‘So when I talk about making New Jersey the best place to raise a family — that also means ensuring every woman has the freedom to start a family on their own terms,” Murphy said.

To that end, he spoke of how his state was ahead of the curve on abortion.

“Here in Jersey, before that dreadful Dobbs decision came down, we codified the right to an abortion.

We restored funding for Planned Parenthood and family planning services — after eight years, before us, of zero funding

I can almost see Murphy gazing out over his adoring audience as he said

And guided by our values — today — I am asking you to join me in doing more to protect reproductive rights.

I am calling on our Legislature to pass a bill — sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz and Assemblywoman Shanique Speight — to scrap out-of-pocket costs for abortion procedures and protect patients and providers.

“Let us do it before the summer. We cannot lose any momentum in the fight for fundamental freedoms.”

In his two years as governor, Murphy has slavishly prompted, promoted, and propelled abortion. “All qualified health care professionals” can now perform abortions. That includes advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives and certified midwives.

He established a website chock full of information  about abortion laws and how to access reproductive health services. A year ago New Jersey awarded $15 Million in zero-interest loans and grants to “health care” facilities that provide abortions for “facility improvements and increased security,” Tierin-Rose Mandelburg wrote. “In other words, the state plans to make sure facilities can perform as many abortions as possible.”

In response to his first State of the State speech in January of 2022, the state’s seven New Jersey prelates said the law “forthrightly extinguishes the human and moral identity of the unborn child.”

Murphy ended his speech yesterday with this: “May God bless you and your families. And may God continue to bless the great State of New Jersey and the United States of America.”

In Gov. Murphy’s relentless race to the bottom, I can’t imagine God blessing any of his work.

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