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Post-Abortive woman who later miscarried, felt like she had “forfeited my chance at motherhood”

by | Jan 4, 2024

By Sarah Terzo

Emily Turner, who wrote a book about her abortion, which she regretted, wrote about how she felt when she became pregnant after her abortion and then miscarried:

“… I battled hard against the pretense that I didn’t deserve this baby. I had told myself that because I forfeited my chance at motherhood on that day in June, I didn’t deserve another. Within the week I started bleeding and at our doctor’s appointment a few days later, it was made clear that I was no longer pregnant.

See this, this is what I deserve. I wanted to be sad and I was sad, but expressing my sorrow felt shameful. After all, I didn’t deserve this baby anyway, right? I didn’t deserve the gift of motherhood or a chance for redemption.”

Emily Turner, The “A” Words: My Gut Wrenching and Mildly Hilarious Story from Abuse and Abortion Into Understanding Freedom (undated)

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