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Pro-abortion group files third draft of proposed amendment to Arkansas Constitution

by | Jan 10, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Just four days after Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin rejected their second draft, Arkansans for Limited Government submitted a third draft of a proposed constitutional amendment that critics say would legalize virtually unlimited abortion.

Griffin said in a three-page letter to Steven Nichols of Little Rock that he rejected the second draft’s “proposed popular name and ballot title for the proposed amendment,” and he asked Nichols to redesign the proposed amendment,” according to Michael R. Wickline, writing for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  Nichols and the Committee wasted no time.

Nichols, the group’s treasurer, said he expects the attorney general to certify the third version of the proposed amendment.

“Barring any surprises, we eagerly anticipate certification of the proposed amendment, and we hope to begin signature collection as soon as the office gives the go-ahead,” McHugh said in a press release.

“Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin must approve of the language before the group can begin gathering signatures that could allow the amendment to be included on the ballot in November,” according to Katherine Hamilton. “If the measure makes it onto the ballot in 2024, it would require a simple majority to pass.”

If Griffin approves the title and language, Arkansans for Limited Government will have until July 5 to gather 90,704 signatures from registered voters.  Signatures are required to be acquired from 50 of the state’s 75 counties to be eligible for the ballot.

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