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Stand Against the Radical Arkansas Abortion Amendment!

by | Jan 23, 2024

Join the DECLINE TO SIGN Campaign

Little Rock AR (January 2024) – Arkansas Right to Life is currently engaged in the toughest battle yet for the lives of our unborn children in Arkansas. Since the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Decision of June 24, 2022, Arkansas effectively ended the legal killing of unborn children by abortion, with the only exception to prevent the death of the mother (Act of 180 of 2019).

As the issue of legal abortion was returned to the people, we have seen state initiatives to expand abortion and Arkansas now finds itself a target for such an effort. In November a group calling themselves “For AR People,” ironic in itself, formed a ballot question committee, “Arkansans for Limited Government,” to place an amendment on the 2024 ballot to address reproductive freedom.

After the title was rejected by Attorney General Tim Griffin, the group resubmitted it as simply the Arkansas Abortion Amendment narrowed a “health” exception, and made other changes suggested by AG Griffin and await approval to begin gathering signatures on petitions to secure it on the ballot before voters on November 5, 2024.

Arkansas Right to Life isn’t waiting to announce our Decline to Sign Campaign to ask all Arkansans unwilling to sign a death warrant on innocent unborn children to POLITELY Decline to Sign when approached. Once the ballot title is approved paid canvassers will hit the streets of Arkansas.

We have already joined with other pro-life, pro-family organizations and individuals to strategize to confront this assault on the lives of Arkansas women and children. The fight is on and we are up to the challenge!

It is evident that while this appears as a reasonable and compassionate response to the needs of women – it is far from it! To be clear, legal abortion is a profit-driven industry that seeks to exploit vulnerable women without safeguards against injuries or death and cares nothing about the child that is destroyed by any means possible, even moments from birth. There is nothing reasonable or compassionate there. 

The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would enshrine abortion in Arkansas’ Constitution and gut Amendment 68 which says it’s the policy of the state of Arkansas to protect unborn babies from conception until birth.

Besides that, it could wipe out all Arkansas laws that protect women ensure clinic inspections, licensing, and safety when it comes to abortion, and prevent parents from knowing about or being involved in their minor child’s secret abortion. There could be no law protecting unborn babies capable of feeling pain from being tortured to death by dismemberment or dying from neglect if they survived an abortion.

We urgently request your help by joining the DECLINE TO SIGN campaign! We are unwavering in our commitment to fight against this deceitful abortion amendment and will utilize every pro-life resource to ensure its defeat, but we need your help!

What YOU can do to help us prevent the pro-abortion organizations from successfully gathering petition signatures:

1.   Do NOT sign the death warrant on the unborn petition: urge everyone you know not to sign! See “Why You Shouldn’t Sign” below.

2.   Please make a generous donation/monthly pledge: Arkansas Right to Life has made this our TOP priority. Your financial contribution will strengthen our fight against this evil amendment. Planned Parenthood and their elite Hollywood friends will spend lots of money to legalize killing babies in our state. We can’t hope to match them but that won’t stop us from trying.

3.   Spread the word: Forward this email to all your family, friends, and pastor. Urge them to join the DECLINE TO SIGN campaign. Together we can amplify our voice to protect mothers and unborn babies in Arkansas.

4.   Peaceful Intervention: When you come across individuals collecting signatures to support this anti-life amendment, peacefully intervene. Stand near them and kindly request people not to sign, explaining why the language in this amendment is deceptive. Be respectful at all times.

5.   PRAY for Arkansas Right to Life and all those who are working to protect mothers and unborn babies in Arkansas. Lift us up daily in prayer, seeking divine assistance and strength to defeat this evil. Your prayers undergird our work and are essential to our pro-life work. We will not win without them! Talk to your pastor about making this a priority in your church.

6.   Write letters to your local paper: In your own words speak up for life. You are the voice for those who have no voice, the innocent unborn child. Tell your community why you are NOT signing the petition to kill unborn babies. Write about the dangers to women and how parents won’t know about their minor daughter’s abortion. See below for more ideas.

                                                  WHY YOU SHOULDN’T SIGN

  • The Arkansas Abortion Amendment would create an unfettered right to abortion up until the moment of birth. While the text suggests that this right is for the first 18 weeks of gestation, the language contains subjective medical emergency that would allow any abortion at any time in the “physician’s (abortionist) good faith clinical judgment.”
  • If adopted the proposed measure could render all current laws protecting the unbornprotecting parental rights, and protecting the pregnant mother null and void. This means that Arkansas laws requiring parental consent before a minor’s abortion could disappear. It could also repeal laws that protect the unborn from dismemberment abortion, it could repeal our informed consent and ultrasound law, clinic licensing law or admitting privilege law, and certainly, the law that protects the unborn child to birth.
  • If this ballot measure is adopted it could make it impossible and illegal to pass any common-sense protections for the unborn child or her mother in the future.
  • At 18 weeks gestation, the unborn child has met many milestones of development: the baby has a beating heart since day 18, brain waves since day 21, and she can grasp things in her hand, frown, kick, suck her thumb, smile, and can feel pain.
  • Amending our state constitution is not only expensive but unnecessary! Do we want to say in our constitution that it’s OKAY and preferable to kill unborn babies than protect them until birth?
  • The implications of passing such a radical resolution in a state that honors and protects unborn babies and has been recognized as the MOST Pro-Life state for 4 years straight is irresponsible and dangerous. It is not in the best interest of women, children, families, and our state to pass the Arkansas Abortion Amendment.  In Arkansas, we choose life!

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION! Arkansas Right to Life cannot overcome this challenge without your support. We know that we will be outspent. But we have truth and God on our side.  All Arkansans who want to protect unborn babies and their mothers must take a stand and join us in this fight for their lives…together, we can and will make a difference!  Decide today to do something and then do it.

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