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The Media Ignore March for Life

by | Jan 23, 2024

By Tim Graham

This was another year that the networks skipped over the March for Life. It didn’t matter that House Speaker Mike Johnson spoke there. It doesn’t matter how many Americans turn out in opposition to unborn babies being murdered in abortion clinics, or more often now, murdered by prescription. 

They ignore people who oppose what they favor: abortion on demand at any point in pregnancy. Then their “fact checkers” get angry when you point out they favor abortion at any point. MRC Culture’s Tierin-Rose Mandelburg joins the show to discuss what she found on the scene. She interviewed pro-lifers and Planned Parenthood fans. One pro-abortion man underlined the moral relativism surrounding the humanity of the unborn: “I don’t care about the little thing inside of you unless you want it to be born.”

She mocked a cancelled counter-protest from the group ReproAction, because the snow was just too hazardous. They tweeted “@March_for_Life won’t prioritize the safety of their staff, members, & government employees who have to work overtime to provide security + clean-up for their noxious event, but we have to put safety first.”

The abortion advocates said this without irony.

While the networks skipped the March (NPR was an exception), the newspapers filed their usual dismissive articles. The Washington Post article began: 

With an overturned Roe v. Wade drifting further into the past, antiabortion advocates tromping along snowy Washington streets Friday for the March for Life described finding new unity in two things: the need to do more for pregnant people and the need to again support Donald Trump for president.

On Monday, the Post home page was topped by this promotional headline: “Biden expands abortion, contraception protections on Roe anniversary.” The so-called devout Catholic president pushes abortion on demand and “no-cost contraceptives” (government-funded under Obamacare).

Tierin-Rose noted a tweet from “Catholics for Choice,” touting one of their posters: “Catholics for Choice is lining the march route with the truth: faithful Catholics have abortions.” Which is like “faithful Catholics cheat on their spouses.” 

The New York Times put their story on A-13 and made sure the pro-abortion viewpoint was offered: 

“The G.O.P. can’t and won’t stop losing elections, and their answer is to double down on their horrific policies by celebrating an increasingly extremist, shrinking minority with a march,” said Mini Timmaraju, president of Reproductive Freedom for All. “They’re so out of touch.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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