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Thousands gather to remember 12,000 lives lost and oppose unlimited abortion amendment at MCCL March for Life 

by | Jan 23, 2024

ST. PAUL — Thousands of Minnesotans filled the state Capitol grounds Monday to urge protection and love for both unborn children and their mothers and to speak out against efforts to enshrine unlimited abortion in the Minnesota Constitution. The MCCL March for Life, held each year on the anniversary of abortion’s legalization, featured a display of 12,000 life-size models of unborn children, each baby representing one life lost to abortion in 2022 alone.  

“We can see as we look at this tragic display on the steps of our state Capitol the tremendous loss of life in just one year in our state,” said MCCL Co-Executive Director Cathy Blaeser during today’s program. “I am devastated to tell you that because of the laws passed by the DFL leadership in this state Capitol behind me, we are likely to see even higher numbers for 2023.” 

This year’s March for Life comes after the Minnesota legislature in 2023 established abortion-up-to-birth in state law and repealed numerous longstanding abortion-related policies, including the Woman’s Right to Know informed consent law, the Positive Alternatives program supporting pregnant women, and a measure that ensured lifesaving care for born-alive infants.

The number of abortions in Minnesota increased by 20 percent in 2022—reaching more than 12,000 abortions total—and early estimates indicate an even larger increase in 2023. Some lawmakers now aim to enshrine abortion-without-limits in the state Constitution.   

“Each year in Minnesota, hundreds of babies just like me are aborted,” said 15-year-old Abby Hewitt of Pine Island, who shared her story of overcoming three critical congenital heart defects. “They will never get to go to school, read a book, tell a silly joke, fall in love, or get married. … I am fearfully and wonderfully made, heart defects and all. It’s a great reminder every day that I was created on purpose for a purpose.” 

Dozens of state lawmakers and Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach attended today’s March. MCCL also announced a new outreach arm, the Center for a Pro-Life Minnesota, which will work through various avenues to rebuild a pro-life culture in the state.  

“Governor Walz and the DFL Leadership have taken our state too far,” Blaeser told the crowd. “It’s time to say to them: No more extreme abortion policies that hurt women and threaten the lives of our children.” 

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