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Trump leads Biden in seven battleground states. Biden won all but one in 2020

by | Jan 31, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Who knows what set of polls would set off the alarums bells in the Biden re-election campaign. Could be the recent Pew poll which showed him at a bottom-of-the-barrel 33%. Or, as Rich Lowry pointed out, it could be who Biden is hemorrhaging support from:

Biden’s approval rating is 21 points below average among Black people and 15 points below average among Hispanic people, compared with 6 points among white people; more Black people, in particular, offer no opinion.

There’s a striking difference among Black people by age in their views of Biden: He has an approval rating of 65% among Black people age 50 and up, dropping sharply to 32% among Black people younger than 50. Age gaps are not apparent among white or Hispanic people.

Bad enough, I grant you, but how about this?
“Biden trails Trump in seven key swing states — six of which he won in 2020.” By just a hair? “Trump leads Biden by 3-10 points in seven Battleground states.”


Diana Glebova, writing for the New York Post, tells us “Across the seven swing states, Trump has 48% support while Biden has 42%.” These numbers “are similar to those from a New York Times/ Siena College poll taken in November that also indicated Biden is lagging in the states he needs to win the most”.

Immigration is Biden’s albatross in this poll. “The poll indicated that immigration is a resonant issue for swing-state voters, with 61% of respondents blaming Biden for being at least somewhat responsible for the record-breaking number of migrants illegally crossing the southern border,” Glebova writes. “Only 30% of voters said the same for the Trump administration.”

Trump is leading in these seven battleground states: Arizona (47%-44%), Georgia (49%-41%), Michigan (47%-42%), Nevada (48%-40%), North Carolina (49%-39%), Pennsylvania (48%-45%), and Wisconsin (49%-44%).

“Biden, 81, won six of those seven states over Trump, 77, in the 2020 election — only losing North Carolina.”

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