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A hatchet job masquerading as a news story

by | Feb 13, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve written and reposted probably over a hundred stories lauding the work of Pregnancy Help Centers but which also included some very pro-abortion denunciations of their saintly work. Sometimes the critics are kind of subtle—as subtle as their anger allows them to be—but sometimes the critics of PHC just go bonkers.

Example: How about this headline and subhead?

Misleading’ anti-abortion programs could get $400K from Utah taxpayers: The Beehive State would join a growing number of states, the majority of which have some of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country, giving money to faith-based crisis pregnancy centers.

They have a photo on the front page which I don’t think helps them make their point. Off to the left it shows the standard, nondescript Planned Parenthood building. Off to the right is the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City which has a drawing of a couple lovingly cradling their child on the front.

Emily Anderson Stern doesn’t waste any time:

Clearfield Republican Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, a frequent sponsor of anti-abortion legislation and fixture in anti-abortion circles, is asking her colleagues for hundreds of thousands of dollars year-after-year to fund controversial anti-abortion crisis pregnancy programs.

Those faith-based programs, which critics say give inaccurate medical information and promote “abortion reversal” treatments that can be dangerous, could cost taxpayers $400,000 a year.                                                                               

Wow. That a lot to pack in 59 words! So it’s sponsored (as it so often is) by “a frequent sponsor of anti-abortion legislation” who, by the way, is a “fixture in anti-abortion circles” who is asking for money for a “faith-based program” when we all know that they should not receive a nickel of taxpayer funds (not to be confused with Planned Parenthood who takes in money by the wheelbarrow).

And—get this!—why shouldn’t it be “controversial” when they give out “inaccurate medical information” which includes “abortion reversal treatments” that “can be dangerous.” Not a word about the “reckless” actions of the FDA in allowing “the virtually unregulated access to mail-order abortion pills,” to quote Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador.  This “puts the lives of both pregnant women and their unborn children in medical jeopardy.”

And, worse yet, they are (gasp!) expanding. “With just a pad of concrete separating it from one of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah’s two Salt Lake City locations, Pregnancy Resource Center’s original location sits just one TRAX stop away from the University of Utah,” Stern writes. “It also recently expanded to American Fork” (a city is thirty-two miles southeast of Salt Lake City).

You get the point. What a hatchet job.

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