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Amid pro-abortion attempts to discredit APR, the protocol continues to save lives

by | Feb 19, 2024

By Gayle Irwin

Baby Christian was saved through Abortion Pill Reversal
Photo: Heartbeat International

Recently, several state governments have attempted to implement laws to punish physicians and pregnancy resource centers that provide Abortion Pill Reversal, citing similar language as abortion advocates and the pro-abortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) claiming that Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) is “unproven” and “not a medical procedure.” 

However, thousands of mothers who saved their children through the APR protocol would disagree with those statements.

An article published last year by Wisconsin’s PBS outlet, quotes Sara Finger, executive director for the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, which advocates for abortion as “healthcare”, as saying that APR “is not a medical procedure.” Finger also disparaged pregnancy help centers, stating, “These fake health care centers are advertising this chance to reverse a medication abortion, which you cannot do.”

Thousands of women and their babies saved via APR prove that statement false. 

Recently, Heartbeat International, which manages the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN), announced that current stats are that more than 5,000 babies have been saved because their mothers chose to reverse their chemical abortions.

One of those women lives in California, whose Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Heartbeat and its affiliate RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics over promoting APR last fall. 

Brittany’s APR story

About one year ago, Brittany (a pseudonym) went to a California abortion facility and took the first abortion pill, mifepristone. She said she immediately regretted the decision.

“The second I swallowed the first pill, I immediately regretted it,” she recently told Pregnancy Help News. “I could feel the sadness from my husband as well. I said, ‘Well, I’m sure I can fix this because I only took one.’ So, I started Googling.”

She found the APR website and contacted the hotline.

“I was immediately connected with a doctor within 30 minutes of my location,” she said. “She prescribed progesterone to replace what the first pill does. And we scheduled an appointment to check on the baby. She gave me a bunch of ultrasound pictures even though he was like a kidney bean.”

After that appointment, Brittany began seeing her regular obstetrician who continued her care. 

“I was able to see my doctor quite often so we could check on him (her son),” she said. 

Her son Andrew (pseudonym) was born healthy last fall.

APR is an updated application of a treatment used to combat miscarriage since the 1950s. It entails prescribing progesterone to counteract the effects of mifepristone, which acts to block progesterone in a pregnant woman’s body. If a woman acts quickly enough after taking the first abortion pill it may be possible to save her child through Abortion Pill Reversal.

Studies show a 64%-68% success rate for mothers who start the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol.

Brittany was about seven weeks along when she took the mifepristone at the abortion center. Even though she and her husband had planned to have children sometime in their marriage, when Brittany discovered she was pregnant, she said she felt fearful and uncertain about being a mother.

“I had just started a job,” she said. “It was a shock when I did find out I was pregnant, and I just got scared. I felt I was too young.”

Brittany said she found the people serving at the APR hotline “non-judgmental and supportive.” She used similar words to describe the doctor who prescribed the progesterone and provided the ultrasound.

When she began the progesterone protocol and told her husband, she said he was “ecstatic” to learn the pregnancy might be saved. She said she had a “very textbook, fairly easy labor” and that their son was born healthy.

“He’s a big boy,” she said.

Brittany said she would encourage other women who experience regret after taking the first abortion pill to learn more about APR and contact the hotline.

“If they feel any regret, I would definitely have them go read other women’s stories,” she said. “That’s what I did at first because I was obviously leery, ‘is this going to work,’ … but I read a bunch of amazing stories of success and it really encouraged me to reach out. So, I would suggest they do the same.”

Brittany said she is grateful to have her son and for the APR hotline.

“It was super easy and a really great experience, and I’m thankful for it every single day,” she said. “We’re buying a house now, and we’re ready to start our life as a family of three.”

APR attacks

Still, abortion advocates continue to discredit the protocol.

Earlier this year, in Massachusetts, the state’s Department of Public Health threatened disciplinary action against pregnancy help organizations that offer APR in an attempt to silence centers for what the state refers to as ‘the deceptive tactics’ of those organizations. The health commissioner also levied a threat against physicians who enable and/or participate in APR, calling the protocol “unproven, unethical, and unsafe.”

Last year, the state of Colorado’s legislature passed a measure to outlaw APR, and the governor signed it. A lawsuit was filed the same day by Bella Health and Wellness in Englewood, and a federal judge blocked the law.

Women and studies testify to the truth

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) cites two studies on the use of progesterone for women with a history of miscarriage.

The conclusion? 

“Both trials reported that improvement was higher among those who had more miscarriages. The PRISM study even showed a 15% benefit among women with three or more miscarriages and current pregnancy bleeding.” This makes a case for why using progesterone to combat the effects of the first abortion pill can have a high success rate.

And then there are the thousands of women who have undergone the protocol, mothers like KatelynnAtoriaShashanna, and a great many others.

In a statement regarding the milestone of 5,000 lives saved thanks to the APR protocol, Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey said, “Despite Big Tech’s big hand of censorship and misguided state officials to suppress Abortion Pill Reversal, women desperate for a different choice than the abortion pill they took, are finding their way to the help they want. Every woman should be loved and supported in her pregnancy. Big Abortion, and its powerful friends, should not stand in the way of choice for women to choose life for their baby.” 

Heartbeat is fighting for women like Brittany, Katelynn, Atoria, and Shashanna to have real choice, including APR. Earlier this month, attorneys with the Thomas More Society representing Heartbeat in the California AG case asked a California Superior Court to throw out the lawsuit

As Christa Brown, senior director of Medical Impact for Heartbeat International, recently told Pregnancy Help News, “Thankfully, there is a safe and effective treatment available to any woman requesting reversal of the abortion pill no matter where she is in the world, no matter what time of day or night. APR is proven, ethical, and is saving lives every single day.”

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and Pregnancy Help News.