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Contact your Indiana state legislators immediately and demand that the Department of Health be required to follow the law in abortion reporting.

by | Feb 20, 2024

By Indiana Right to Life

The Indiana Legislature is running out of time to pass language requiring the Indiana Department of Health (IDH) to follow the law when it comes to abortion reporting. 

In December, IDH abruptly announced it will no longer make copies of terminated pregnancy report forms available for public review.  These reports identify where the abortion is done, how it was done, who did the abortion, and for what reason.

With IDH blocking access to these forms that have been available for review for decades, there is no way for the public to know if Indiana’s abortion is being followed, or if women are being subjected to illegal abortions or life threatening complications.

No government agency should be above following the law. The Indiana State Legislature must act immediately to ensure that IDH follows the law. 


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