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Each law that protects preborn children and empowers their mothers in a life-affirming way is evidence of love in action

by | Feb 2, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

With the advent of February, minds often turn to matters of the heart. A good many people get engaged or married during the month of St. Valentine. So now would be the perfect time to extend love to those on the margins of society—the vulnerable who, unfortunately, may have been cast aside by those who were supposed to love them.

Primary in this category are preborn children. They are completely dependent and, tragically, subject to unfathomable violence. Science has shown us their humanity through the development of such technological miracles as 4D Ultrasound. It’s a window to the womb which depicts in breathtaking scope the smiles, hiccups, and somersaults of unborn babies.

Extending love to preborn children can take many forms. It may involve reaching out to a pregnant woman facing challenging circumstances, extending a hand of grace to her. Whether you buy baby clothes or babysit older children, your efforts to show compassion to pregnant moms are a remarkable representation of love.

Contacting your public officials by email, phone, and in person in solidarity with pregnant women and their preborn children can be another sign of love. Legislators and government executives often need to be reminded of the great miscarriage of justice that has been carried out against unborn babies. Each law that protects preborn children and empowers their mothers in a life-affirming way is evidence of love in action.

Sharing on social media can also be a sign of caring. Memes can give encouragement to pregnant women…demonstrate the miracle of the child in the womb…and educate social media users about the cause of life. With your smartphone, you may hold the key to reaching countless numbers of individuals with the facts of fetal development.

Visiting an elderly friend or relative…attending a sporting event featuring children with special needs…preparing meals for a time-starved mother…all of these actions can be a sign of love in an often cold-hearted world.

So make a commitment this February to affirm life by reaching out in love. You may just find that the more love you give, the more you receive in return.   

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