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Little Spark of Life: A Celebration of Born and Preborn Life

by | Feb 15, 2024

New children’s book teaches the truth about unborn life

By Tabitha Goodling

A baby is coming! God’s gift from above! We have lots of questions and feel so much love.

As children are inundated with the often-skewed information in their reading material, media, and even the classroom, one writer is “sparking” a light of truth.

Courtney Siebring is the author of Little Spark of Life: A Celebration of Born and Preborn Life.

Siebring’s children’s book features a poetic approach of a mother explaining to a child “where babies came from” – the truthful version.

Siebring was featured recently on EWTN’s The World Over, a Catholic-based news program.  

“It was important to me to create a book that not only spoke to the science behind where babies come from, but also the truths that are sadly under attack in our culture,” she said.

The publishing company for “Little Spark,” Paraclete Press, is further promoting the education of young children regarding life at conception with Siebring’s book. They are offering a 40 percent discount for a case of 40 books which supporters can donate to pregnancy centers, churches, and schools.

Siebring said the long-term results of the book will create a future generation of pro-lifers.

“Our imaginations have a lot to do with shaping our values,” she said, quoting the scripture Luke 6:45, “for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

The message that mom and baby have “two separate bodies” will allow children to respond to “my body my choice,” said Siebring.

The idea for the poem was inspired by Siebring’s daughter, who at the age of three was “obsessed” with pregnancy and childbirth. Siebring said it was very clear that through her daughter’s art and dramatic play that she wanted to understand the miracle of life.

A year later, Siebring said, she and her husband then began exploring the pro-life movement. It was then that Siebring penned the poem and decided to turn it into a book complete with illustrations by Camilla Carrossine.

The book comes with an activity pack for parents and caregivers. It is suggested that parents encourage questions, ask questions of their own and tell their own story their birth, show their children their ultrasound photo (if they have one), and encourage the child to draw a picture of what he or she may have looked like in the womb. 

Siebring announced she is working on a new children’s book entitled, Every Body Wonderfully Made, which addresses the truth that boys are always boys and girls are always girls. 

“And God calls it good,” Siebring said. “God makes no mistakes.” 

Information on ordering the book is available HERE.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and reposted with permission.

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