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Nebraska Right to Life Action Alert: Support Pro-Life Legislation this Wednesday

by | Feb 6, 2024

This Wednesday (February 7), a pro-life legislative bill will be heard before committee and we need you to take action.

The Newborn Safe Haven Act (LB 876) would expand protections for infants under the state’s safe haven law, which allows parents to “surrender” a newborn child at particular locations. It would allow for baby boxes to be placed at locations that are staffed around the clock including hospitals, fire stations and police stations. These secure locations with padded, temperature-controlled boxes provide a means for parents to surrender their baby safely if they can no longer maintain custody.

Current Nebraska law applies to infants up to only 30 days old. This legislation would allow parents who cannot care for their infant or who are in difficult circumstances to safely place their newborn infants, without fear of prosecution, up to 90 days old.

Please take time to follow the steps below and submit your comments online; these become part of the public record for the bill. LB 876 will be heard before the Judiciary Committee this Wednesday.

*Written comments must be submitted online by 8 AM on Wednesday.


To Submit Written Comments:

1. Click here to go to LB 876’s summary page on the Nebraska Legislature’s website.

2. On the LB 876 bill summary webpage, click the center button “Submit Comments Online for LB 876”.

3. Fill it out & click “YES” when asked whether you want your comment to be part of the hearing record and that you are a “Proponent”.

4. Click “Submit Comment” button at the bottom of the webpage.

5. You’re not finished yet! After you submit, you’ll receive an email from the Legislature asking you to VERIFY YOUR SUBMISSION with the subject “Verify your Written Comment for LB 876”. Click the link in this email & verify your comment or comments will not be submitted.

You can also contact your State Senator directly by clicking here and searching under “Find Officials” with your zip code. Let them know why this bill is important to you and how their support of this pro-life legislation can save newborn lives in Nebraska.

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