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Please Join Florida Right to Life in Prayer for the Justices of the Florida Supreme Court  

by | Feb 5, 2024

“Floridians Protecting Freedom” Ballot Language Headed for Supreme Court Review on Wednesday, February 7th  

By Lynda Bell, President, Florida Right to Life

On May 8th 2024, an organization called “Floridians Protecting Freedom” (so called) launched their multi-million dollar campaign to enshrine abortion on demand in Florida. 

After raising millions of dollars and dispatching thousands of paid signature gatherers throughout the state, they succeeded in acquiring the required amount of signatures to appear on the November 2024 ballot. The organization is backed by the usual suspects including Planned Parenthood, the Florida ACLU, the 1199 SEIU Florida, and others.  

Florida Right to Life was the first Pro-Life organization to begin an information campaign and start the “Decline to Sign” campaign. Unfortunately, the pro-abortion organization adopted a campaign of deception, duping prospective petition signers into believing they would be saving the lives of women by signing the petition. 

I personally encountered three of these signature gatherers.


Last October, Florida Attorney General Ashely Moody penned a letter to the Florida. Supreme Court calling the ballot language deceptive and misleading in reference to the term “Viability”.  Florida Right to Life immediately issued a press release concurring with the Attorney General. 

In addition, Florida Right to Life takes issue with the term “health” in the ballot language as health is not properly defined. As such it can basically mean absolutely anything as determined by the “health care provider” which is also undefined. 

To prove our point, on the website of “Floridians Protecting Freedom” they list 100 Health Care Providers who support the campaign. Included in the list of Health Care Providers is a medical assistant, a nurse, and a nurse practitioner. 

We believe the ballot language is purposefully vague and is designed to allow abortions for all 9 months of pregnancy for any reason with no protections offered. This is not pro-woman. It is instead pro-abortion and pro-abortionist! 

What Now? This Wednesday, February 7th, the Florida. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the disposition of the deceptive ballot language. 

Please join us as we pray for wisdom for the Florida Supreme Court justices, specifically that they will exercise proper discernment and jurisprudence and throw out this deceptive ballot language and end the effort to add abortion on demand for all nine months, for any reason to the Florida Constitution.  

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