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Problem with the pro-abortion rhetoric—it simply does not match reality

by | Feb 22, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

An interesting thing happened this week when the Governor of Pennsylvania posted on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

His post encompassed just three words: “Abortion is healthcare.”

Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the comments below Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro’s post. In the three minutes after this post hit X, he had triggered seven comments—all of them negative.

All of the commentators pointed out the life-ending nature of abortion.

This is the problem with the pro-abortion rhetoric—it simply does not match reality. If you have seen an ultrasound, you know that the unborn child is quite alive. To abort that child is to violently take that baby’s life.

Pregnant women obviously can face health challenges, and those need to be addressed in a life-affirming, compassionate way. But purposefully ending an unborn child’s life is not a healthy outcome.

It really doesn’t matter how many times the Governor of Pennsylvania posts “Abortion is healthcare.” Those with eyes to see and hearts to understand recognize the inescapable fact that abortion is deadly for the unborn child and can have gravely harmful effects upon the mother, who is left to grieve the loss of that unrepeatable life.

I hope and pray there will be a day when the Governor of Pennsylvania posts the truth about abortion—that it is a tragedy which takes one life and wounds another’s soul.

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