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Protecting Virginia Abortionists Means Putting the Women and Children of Virginia at Risk

by | Feb 19, 2024

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society of Human Life

Last month on January 10th the Virginia General Assembly building opened its new doors for the 2024 Session. It has been as fast and furious a month as most regulars in Richmond can remember. The new, slim Democrat pro-abortion majority is busy pushing forward a radical agenda that they promised their donors they would pursue if elected. 

While it appears that decisions have been made to put their promised unlimited abortion-to- birth amendment on hold until 2025, the proabortion Democrat majority has introduced no shortage of other dangerous bills on the same subject. 

Virtually all of the pro-abortion bills introduced and making their way through the committee process are what may be called “shield” laws, laws that do nothing to ensure the safety of pregnant women or their children.  The purpose of such bills is to protect abortionists from any sort of legal recompense for their reckless behavior.

Already four such bills have passed–two out of the Senate and two out of the House chambers. The Senate bills (SB 716, patroned by Sen. Carrol Foy and SB 15, by Sen. Barbara Favola) will be sent to the House and be voted on in a matter of days. The House versions of the bills (HB 519, Del. Mundon King D-23 and HB1539, Del. Simon D-13) will be voted on in the Senate this week also.

The votes have been mostly along party lines.

These laws prevent warrants that allow investigations of abortionists’ unsafe environments or practices. So-called shield laws prohibit the state of Virginia from cooperating with other states where these unchecked abortionists may be guilty of breaking laws or harming women. In other words, if passed and signed into law here, these laws would turn Virginia into a home for any kind of bad actor who needs a safe haven to practice in an unscrupulous manner, free of any legal interference.

They will also allow abortion providers to send abortion drugs through the mail to other states with protective pro-life laws in place thereby breaking those states laws and putting more pregnant women at risk of dangerous complications.

Does the Commonwealth really want to become a safe harbor for the likes of Philadelphia’s Kermit Gosnell, the now jailed murderer who ran a notorious abortion business for years until he killed a newborn baby and his mother?

Meanwhile, the same pro-abortion majority has defeated a bill to provide medical care to a baby who might survive an abortion. The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Care Bill failed in a House of Delegates sub-committee. This means that those who are determined to protect the abortion industry in Virginia are so callous they can’t even acknowledge that a human infant who has managed to survive an attempt on their life by abortion deserves reasonable treatment like any other premature newborn. Perhaps if abortion advocates had voted for passage, it might mean we have to ask (and they need to answer) what is the difference is between that baby and the millions who are killed by abortion every day in America. They can’t allow that conversation to happen.

These Democrats are walking in lockstep towards creating a place where abortionists and businesses like Planned Parenthood can operate without regulation of any kind. They are not pro-woman: they are in league with the abortion industry. One Northern Virginia Senator has even stated as much in her email to constituents, commenting that these laws will make Virginia a place where abortionists will be able to ply their deadly trade without any government interference.

Pro-abortion organizations in Virginia have made it clear that after a constitutional amendment, these “shield law” bills are their number one priority. They know that they need to protect their businesses.

This effort to push these bills matters because, in two years, Virginians will once again be voting for a new Governor and General Assembly members. Pro-abortion advocates are going to relentlessly insist to the public that they must “protect abortion rights” by securing the election of legislators who will do so. The voters of Virginia need to question why these groups and legislators are so committed to covering the tracks of unscrupulous abortionists at the expense of women’s safety.

These bills are just one more example of how radical the pro-abortion members of the General Assembly are and how much they owe to abortion groups who backed their campaigns with big money.

If these legislators really cared about the women of Virginia, they would be demanding that new laws are enacted that will advance assistance to pregnant women and make it easier and safer to have a baby in Virginia. They would support bills that assist Virginia’s mothers in need to find information about free care and support offered in our Commonwealth. Instead, they have even suggested future action to interfere with the services offered at the forty-two mother helping and free pregnancy resource programs in and around Virginia.

This slim but powerful pro-abortion majority in the General Assembly is determined to use every opportunity to force through a dreadful agenda that doesn’t do anything but place women and their babies in danger as never before. This is not about women’s right or health care: this 2024 Democrat led General Assembly is all about abortion on demand, even at the cost of women in Virginia and the rest of America.

Virginians must not be fooled about what Virginia pro-abortion Democrats really care about and they must contact their members immediately to stop the passage of these bills that will ultimately place another tragic mark on our state’s history.

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