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What does the week after hold for President Biden?

by | Feb 12, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Last week was about as awful a seven day period as pro-abortion President Joe Biden could possibly have imagined. First and foremost, of course, was that press conference…

President Biden had read his prepared remarks, took a couple of questions, and then started to exit Stage Right. The reporters were screaming questions at him…and he paused.

I watched it live and I said to myself ,“He isn’t actually going to wing it, is he?” He did. President Biden went back to the lectern. We can all agree that was a mistake

Even the New York Times editorial page was stunned. “The Challenges of an Aging President” the headline read.

A remarkably broad swath of the American public — both Mr. Biden’s supporters and his detractors — have expressed increasing doubts about his ability to serve for another five years because of his age. As Nate Cohn, The Times’s chief political analyst, noted, “In Times/Siena polling last fall, more than 70 percent of battleground state voters agreed with the statement that Mr. Biden’s ‘just too old to be an effective president.’” But the release of the special counsel Robert K. Hur’s report on Thursday — and Mr. Hur’s assessment that the president presents himself as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” — will invariably test the trust that the American people have in their president.

Then the more-in-sorrow-than anger paragraph:

Mr. Biden’s performance at his news conference on Thursday night was intended to assure the public that his memory is fine and argue that Mr. Hur was out of line; instead, the president raised more questions about his cognitive sharpness and temperament, as he delivered emotional and snappish retorts in a moment when people were looking for steady, even and capable responses to fair questions about his fitness.

His assurances, in other words, didn’t work.

The editorial ends

But the combination of Mr. Biden’s age and his absence from the public stage has eroded the public’s confidence. He looks as if he is hiding, or worse, being hidden. The details in Mr. Hur’s report will only heighten those concerns, which Mr. Trump’s campaign is already exploiting.

This is a dark moment for Mr. Biden’s presidency.

Writing for The Hill, Keith Naughton is relentless pessimistic.                   

“Biden is in real trouble, and no whistling past the graveyard or statistical gymnastics can change that,” he writes. “While losing the lead in the national ballot test is bad, it is his terrible polling in the swing states that puts his re-election in serious doubt. The deficits are significant, and Biden still must hang on to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Given the relative stability of voter opinion, any sudden move is not likely.” 

What else came down last week?  A very interesting comparison between Biden and Trump. According to Shanthi Rexaline

“Merely 14% of registered voters surveyed in a recent NBC News national poll said Biden has done a better job as president than they had expected. Forty-two percent opined that the president has fared worse than expected and the remaining 44% said he has performed his job as president in line with their expectations,”


The results pale in comparison to the numbers Trump received. A plurality of 40% said Trump outdid their expectations in terms of his performance as president compared to 29% the respondents who said his performance was worse than expectations and 31% who said it was in line with expectations.

On that note, more tomorrow.

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