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What is your pro-life story?

by | Feb 19, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Everyone has a pro-life story to tell.

Granted, some may be more dramatic than others, but, by virtue of our own births, we are the result of a pro-life decision.

I have often been captivated by the way toddlers react to soft-touch fetal models. They frequently want to adopt them and care for them as if they were their own siblings. There is something innate within us that recognizes the humanity of the preborn child.

It is only when we choose to ignore that humanity—and the science that goes along with it—that any of us can deny the rights of the preborn child, and of a mother to bring that irreplaceable child into the world.

This is not to say that a pregnant woman does not face obstacles. She may face a host of challenges, including those involving relationships, finances, education, and health. But there are a number of life-affirming ways to address these challenges—ways that preserve both mother and child from harm.

Now is not the time to be silent. We need to raise our voices in solidarity with both Moms and babies. We need to let pregnant women know of all of the resources and support that are available to them during difficult times. We need to stand in the gap for those women who find themselves abandoned and alone.

Each life is worth fighting for, through peaceful, kind-hearted means. The more we share our personal pro-life stories, the greater the chance that additional lives will be saved.   

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