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Why I am pro-life

by | Feb 22, 2024

By Catherine J., Arizona

Editor’s note. Over this week and into the next, NRL News Today will post all six of the winning essays from the 2024 NRLC Essay contest. Yesterday we posted the first place winner in the Senior Division, grades 10-12. Today we’ll post the second and third place finishers. Catherine is the third place finisher. Next week we’ll repost the three Junior Divisions winners which is grades 7-9.

The June 24, 2022, announcement outside the Supreme Court regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade was a pivotal moment in the ongoing abortion debate in the United States. I remember staring at my phone that morning, anxiously awaiting and constantly refreshing my screen to see if it had been overturned, which it had. I remember being so impatient to hear the news because that was the year when I vocally became Pro-life and started my fight to end abortion.

A 2022 study by Live Action sheds light on the connection between abortion and sex trafficking. Almost 30% of sex trafficking victims ended up in U.S. abortion facilities. Approximately 27.6 million people are currently sex-trafficked worldwide, which translate to over 8.2 million individuals undergoing forced abortion. The study also shared horrific stories, such as a woman experiencing 17 abortions that forced upon her from her trafficker. I am pro-life for the millions of women who never get the chance to advocate for themselves.

Roe v. Wade’s legalization led to more than 63.4 million abortions over the years. If those lives had been saved, the U.S. population would now be around 396 million, representing a 19% increase. It is so uncommonly talked about, but abortion can rarely have survivors, even though they typically have strong birth defects due to the harm of abortion. Abortion survivor Jennifer Milbourn says “[her] mother was not a monster but a victim… She fell for the lie that abortion was healthcare” I am pro-life for every victim of abortion.  

Annually, five million children are adopted in the U.S. In 2009, I was one of the five million. When I was born to my birth mother in 2007, DHS found her unfit to be a mother due to her current life situation. I was then placed into the Arkansas Foster Care System. But in April 2009 I was adopted into my forever family. At times, I would feel that my birth mother “abandoned” me. However, I realised that what she did was best for me. She chose me. She loved me and knew despite her situation, my life was still valuable. She gave me the best thing she could have given, which was my life. I am pro-life for my mother along with every other mother who chose life for their babies.

In 2023, I started a Pro-Life Group at my High School. I did this after seeing how many people my age believed they were pro-choice. After talking with them, I realized that they were not properly educated on abortion. They only knew what was told to them, which was not always the full truth. I am often asked why I am pro-life. While there are many reasons, the main reason is to advocate for my generation and future generations so that in the next 50 years, history won’t repeat itself.”

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