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11th grader’s essay is a marvelous description of the beauty of life

by | Mar 21, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

If you doubt for a minute the leadership potential of Generation Alpha, consider these words from 7th grader Ella:

“It is unethical to kill innocent human beings. A sick or ill person normally enters a hospital or doctor’s office to find a cure or someone to heal them. It is not a doctor’s job to kill the patient, but to heal them.”

What a succinct, masterful argument against doctor-prescribed suicide! Ella is just one of the contenders in our Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Essay Contest. While judging continues, it is apparent that many contestants have written beautifully and inspiringly about the right to life and how it must be safeguarded.

Consider these words from 11th grader Camila:

“The wonderful gift of life is not simply the events that come with it, but the opportunity to experience all the feelings you never knew existed, to see all the colors you never noticed before, to create with the burning flame of passion lit within you, and to love with the beating heart so graciously empowering your body. The gift is life itself.”

Wow. What a marvelous description of the beauty of life.

A number of students wrote from the perspective of a child who easily could have been aborted. Eighth-grader Faith is one of them:

“Because you chose life instead of abortion, I got to live. I got, and get, to live in a Christian home, and I get to go to church. I have lots of friends…I get to ride my horse, Chapstick (well, sometimes I fall off). I get to have lots of adopted brothers and sisters…


“I get to see my half-sister and my PopPop carve pumpkins every year. They have even come to church to see me sing in a girls’ ensemble. I have gotten to swim in the ocean. I have also gone to Florida and swam with a dolphin…”

In Faith’s eyes, the ordinary moments of life are truly extraordinary because she nearly did not get to experience any of them. She could have been an abortion statistic. But instead, she is living a life filled with meaning and memories.

These are not the young pro-life leaders of tomorrow. They are full-fledged leaders today. And they are putting their handprints on history in a way that should inspire us all.

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