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27,000 steps closer to dangerous abortion amendment

by | Mar 13, 2024

Carpetbaggers Spotted — 27K Signatures Gathered Already

Planned Parenthood’s Carpetbaggers have descended on Nevada. They are paid to collect 103K signatures so that ABORTION up until birth, tax-payer funded, available to children without their parent’s knowledge will be protected as a fundamental right at the level of speech and religion. This in a state where abortion is already legal up tomorrow 6 months.

Signature gatherers have been spotted in numerous Smiths, WinCo, Raley’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Grocery Outlet parking lots in Nevada. They almost never have permission. When you come across one:

  • Please report location by emailing
  • If you feel comfortable, talk to the gatherer. Take their time. Ask them many questions. Be polite. Every moment they are engage with you, they can’t get signatures. That is the goal.
  • Alert the store manager via phone or in person. Ask them if the store stands for unsafe abortions up to birth.
  • Always be polite and calm. Your goal is to get them to move, to waste their time, to get them kicked out.


Legal Update on Amendment

Constitutional Amendment 1 (Broad Extreme Reproductive Freedom) was heard by the Nevada Supreme Court on March 6. Justices seemed to side with Planned Parenthood. We expect a decision in the next few weeks.

Constitutional Amendment 2 (Extreme Reproductive Freedom limited to abortion) was approved by District Court, but that decision has been appealed. Planned Parenthood is collecting signatures currently. If Supreme Court changes language or overrules the District Court, all signatures will be voided. Pray this happens. The timeline for this appeal is not known.

Talking Points on Amendment

If the abortion amendment efforts are successful:

  • Abortion up until birth will be protected by the Constitution.
  • No parental involvement in minor girl’s abortions – EVER.
  • Commonsense health and safety regulations will be eliminated.
  • Abortionists currently must be licensed physicians. This amendment will replace them with “healthcare providers” a term that includes nurses, opticians, speech pathologists, EMTs and athletic trainers to name a few. UNSAFE FOR WOMEN


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