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A Choice of Life

by | Mar 5, 2024

By Estelle H., 7th grade, Minnesota

Editor’s note. Last week NRL News Today posted the three winning essays in the Senior Division, grades 10-12, from the 2024 NRLC Essay contest. This week we are posting the three Junior Divisions winners, which is grades 7-9. This essay finished second.

When my brother was in my mother’s womb, we learned from the doctors that he had a deformity that could likely be caused by a chromosome disorder. They told us it could be fatal or dramatically change his life and ours. Regardless of these circumstances, we were going to choose life for this precious little baby. I believe that it is our duty as the servants of God to defend the defenseless. I am pro-life because I believe that every life has potential in the world, and we must give those lives a chance to do great things.

Women often say that having an abortion is “their choice” or that they are doing what is best. Behind the scenes, however, they may feel pressured, which makes their choice not completely of their own free will. To me, abortion is truly not a choice for any human to make. We may not tend to think of it this way, but in my opinion, abortion is really a reaction to fear. Sometimes this is a fear of having a baby who is different or a fear of not being able to meet the needs of the baby. Whatever the reason, when women make this choice out of fear, they often do not realize that there are so many people who would like to help them overcome this fear, support them in their pregnancy and possibly even take the child into their own home.

When it comes to the life of an unborn baby in difficult situations, there are many supportive options. However, when my family learned about the difficulties that we may undergo with my brother, the specialists suggested aborting him. They presented this option to my parents many times, even after they had declined. Thankfully, my parents found a pro-life doctor who supported them and was willing to give them information about organizations that help children who have deformities or other special needs. These organizations are truly a gift, and it is so beautiful that they can see the dignity that God gave us all.

My baby brother Jude was born in 2021, and he is our little miracle. We named him Jude after St. Jude the Apostle, patron of the impossible. When he was only two days old, he had surgery to repair a small omphalocele. Since then, he has had multiple surgeries and has overcome many obstacles. Jude is now one of thirty in the world with this chromosome disorder, and he is thriving and loved by me and my family, just as he was from the very moment of conception. In the end, the doctors were right—Jude does have a serious condition, but only God could have foreseen all the great things that his life has brought to this world already. If God’s will is always good, when we follow it, then everything will be okay.

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