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Ask pro-abortion candidates one simple question: How many abortions are enough?

by | Mar 19, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The Democrat candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General recently took part in a debate televised by a Harrisburg news operation.

All five contenders boasted their pro-abortion credentials, seemingly trying to compete for the title of “most pro-abortion candidate of them all.”

Reflecting on their statements, I wish the moderator had asked one simple question: How many abortions are enough?

In the Keystone State, more than 34,000 preborn babies lost their lives to abortion in 2022, the latest year for which statistics are available from the PA Department of Health. 34,000! That’s the equivalent of the population of a city, wiped out in a single year.

The candidates it seems want unlimited abortions. But I find it hard to believe that is the desire of the majority of the people of Pennsylvania. Surely, they would be surprised to learn just how often abortions take place in the Commonwealth they call home.

Research has consistently shown that women seek abortions for reasons other than health. Many are pressured into abortion by boyfriends, husbands, parents—even grandparents. They may lack housing, food, a steady job, a sufficient income, or partner support.

These are serious problems which need to be addressed in a caring, compassionate manner. However, taking the life of an innocent child does not solve any of these problems—it only creates additional worries.

The next Attorney General of Pennsylvania should use his or her office to advance the cause of justice—not deny it by promoting as many abortions as possible. Such a pro-abortion policy would do a disservice to the thousands of women throughout the Commonwealth who look to public officials for help rather than harm.

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