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Disenchantment with Democratic Party soaring among voters of color

by | Mar 15, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve been writing since at least 2020 about the Hispanic Community growing disenchantment with the pro-abortion Democratic party. Well, welcome to the party, legacy media, we say better late than never.

These stories, I’m speculating, will multiply all the way up to the elections on November 5, which is 235 days way. This, from the New York Times, is indicative of the sheer panic they feel as the rock-solid support of the Hispanic community slips through their fingers.

Under the headline “Latinos, Shifting Toward Trump, Land at the Center of the 2024 Campaign,” Jennifer Medina and Ruth Igielnik write

Former President Donald J. Trump’s growing support among Latino voters is threatening to upend the coalition that has delivered victories to Democrats for more than a decade, putting the politically divided group at the center of a tug of war that could determine elections across the country.


Polls show that Mr. Trump’s standing with Latino voters has grown since his defeat in 2020, with some surveys finding him winning more than 40 percent of those voters — a level not seen for a Republican in two decades. That strength has Democrats playing defense to maintain the large majority of Latino voters.

 Their story shifts to the House and Senate where Hispanic voters are pivotal, in states such California, Arizona and Nevada.

“The Latino electorate used to be seen as a massive liability for Republicans. Now, it’s turning out to be an asset,” said Daniel Garza, the executive director of the Libre Initiative, a conservative group that targets Latino voters and is funded by Americans for Prosperity, the group founded by Charles and David Koch tells the Times. “Republicans can’t win without them — it would be political malpractice not to have them in a winning coalition.”

But Medina and Igielnik throw Democrats a bone: “However, it is unclear how major and lasting the Trump-era changes will be.”

But it is not Latinos alone that are moving toward Republicans. “Democrats’ big vulnerability: Why they’re losing Black, Hispanic voters,” Axios’s Russell Contreas writes:

New data shows that Democrats’ longtime advantage with Black, Latino and Asian American voters has shrunk to its lowest point in more than 60 years — creating a massive vulnerability for President Biden and congressional Democrats.

Nate Silver backs up that “Democrats are hemorrhaging support with voters of color.” He writes, “Biden’s margin against Donald Trump has basically not moved an inch among white voters; he’s losing them by 12 percentage points, as he did in 2020. However, Biden is now only winning Hispanics by 7 percentage points — down from 24 points in 2020 — and Black voters by ‘only’ 55 points, as compared with 83 points in 2020.”

We’ll leave it there for the week. Talk to you Monday.

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