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MRC President Bozell Details Startling Reality About Google: It Has ‘Power to Define’ Truth

by | Mar 26, 2024

By Luis Cornelio

MRC President Brent Bozell reiterated the dire threat posed by Google’s years-long interference in U.S. elections — as revealed by an MRC Free Speech America Special Report that compiled 41 times the tech giant meddled in elections in the past 16 years.

Speaking to WICS ABC 20 on Thursday, Bozell delivered a straightforward and unequivocal fact on Google: “Their algorithms are being tinkered with so that they can advance the left in America. … Google has the power to define what is and what isn’t truth.”

Bozell’s remarks came during a significant segment with ABC 20, an Illinois-based television station affiliated with ABC and owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the U.S. with 185 television stations in 86 markets affiliated with all the major broadcast networks.

Kayla Gaskins, a Capitol Hill-based national correspondent for Sinclair, succinctly explained the crux of the MRC findings:

“The latest allegations of election interference don’t point fingers at Russia or China but at American-owned Google. … The conservative watchdog group, Media Research Center, publishing a Special Report accusing the tech company of meddling with major U.S. elections 41 times over the past 16 years, tipping the scales in favor of the candidates they prefer.”

Speaking to Gaskins, Bozell described the implications of such actions, saying, “When 92 percent of all searches worldwide go through Google, Google has the power to define what is and what isn’t truth.”

Gaskins echoed the findings unveiled in a 16-page bombshell report compiling Google’s election meddling since the rise to power of former President Barack Obama. Fast forward a few years, and Google appears to be helping the scandal-laden re-election of President Joe Biden.

The tactics involved hiding the campaign websites of Republican candidates, allowing Google “bombs” to go unchecked and censoring positive information about the relatively less leftist candidate. The latter was the case in the 2008 election when Google reportedly censored support for then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who at the time was deemed less radical than Obama, her opponent and eventual victor.

Bozell further explained burying the campaign sites of Republican candidates off of the first page of search results: “Less than one percent of the public ever goes to page two. That was done deliberately. So, people looking at Google, looking for information, never saw the Republican.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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