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NBC News profile of President Biden is of an angry, anxious man

by | Mar 18, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

It was a semi-blockbuster story—NBC News’s “Behind the scenes, Biden has grown angry and anxious about re-election effort”—the objective of which is unclear, at least to me.

Do Peter NicholasCourtney Kube. and Carol E. Lee want the pro-abortion President to step down at this very late date? Are they trying to light a fire under the 81-year-old Biden? Are they trying to persuade themselves that Biden is capable of a stirring comeback with the November 5th elections 231 days away? Some of it, all of it?

They start out with what seems to be constant: Biden’s increasingly unhinged anger that the electorate for not appreciating all he’s done for them:

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden was seething.


In a private meeting at the White House in January, allies of the president had just told him that his poll numbers in Michigan and Georgia had dropped over his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas. 


Both are battleground states he narrowly won four years ago, and he can’t afford any backsliding if he is to once again defeat Donald Trump. He began to shout and swear, a lawmaker familiar with the meeting said. 

Biden does have a point—his approval rating is a dismal 38%—but misses a tiny factor: it’s on him!

National Review’s Luther Ray Abel writes

If, as many wrote in 2020, that presidential election was a referendum on Trump, 2024 looks to be a referendum on what Biden has done since then. A 38 percent approval rating to pair with a grocery-price increase of 23 percent since 2020 says most of what needs telling.

Biden’s preferred solution is to get out and about. As a “retail politician,” he wants to “press the flesh.” According to NBC News, Biden has

felt cocooned at times and has been eager to get out more, meet voters face-to-face and take the fight directly to Trump, said the third person and a fourth also familiar with the matter who, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss campaign strategy and the president’s private views.

A few problems with that. For starters

Surrounded by protective aides who want to minimize the chances of a flub, the 81-year-old president has chafed at restraints that he sees as counter to his natural instincts as a retail politician, a third person familiar with internal discussions said.

Also he has spent an amazingly few days in the White House. Best guess is that Biden has been at 1600 Pennsylvania roughly 40% of the time (and that is likely a generous figure). What are the odds Biden could shift gears and campaign for months at a time?

We can end this story with the telltale subhead to NBC News’s account:

Biden locked up the Democratic nomination last week, but looking ahead to the general election, anxiety has seemed to increase.

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