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Nevada Right to Life Opposes Court Decision Mandating Nevada Abortion Based On ERA

by | Mar 21, 2024

By Melissa Clement, Nevada Right to Life

Yesterday a judge in Nevada used the recently passed Equal Rights Amendment to force Nevada taxpayers to fund all abortions through Medicaid. Previous to this, abortion funding through Medicaid was limited to instances of rape, incest and the life of the mother.

We are not surprised. We warned legislators and the public that there was an ERA-Abortion connection. Please see our press release below for details.

Nevadans are engaged right now with out-of-town signature gatherers who are collecting signatures for an abortion petition that will make abortion a fundamental right throughout pregnancy for any reason. Please do not sign it. It will make abortion a constitutional right in Nevada. More information to come.


Reno, NV — Nevada Right to Life, the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, is deeply concerned about and opposed to, but is not surprised with yesterday’s decision to strike down Nevada’s prohibition of taxpayer funding of abortion through Medicaid based on Nevada’s recently passed Equal Rights Amendment.

Nevada Right to Life is not surprised because it warned legislators and the public of the vague language within the amendment and broad interpretations that could lead to state funding of abortion through Medicaid. Legislators and supporters of ERA accused Nevada Right to Life and others who noted the ERA abortion connection with disinformation. But it was the ACLU, a promoter of the amendment, which brought the suit to force the taxpayer to fund abortion based on Nevada’s ERA.

The decision should be reversed on appeal based on legislators’ and proponents’ repeated expressed intent and denial that there was any Abortion ERA connection. The exposure of the ERA-Abortion connection kept the Federal ERA from passing. It would have impacted Nevada’s vote too.

Melissa Clement, executive Director of Nevada Right to Life says, “this lawsuit is a clear example of the failure of our legislative system and the amendment process. It diverts precious Medicaid funds—intended for life-saving and extending medical interventions—to fund the life-ending procedure of abortion. This is a tragic misallocation of resources that betrays the trust of Nevada citizens.”

Clement also said, “the legislature and Senate Majority leader Nicole Cannizzaro managed to pass this without directly implicating themselves, demonstrating a worrisome level of indirect manipulation of our state’s laws and resources. This move not only undermines the sanctity of life but also the integrity of our legislative process.”

Clement continued: “This decision underscores the importance of voting NO on upcoming ballot measures that could allow judges to make sweeping changes to our laws without clear mandate from the voters. It is crucial that the power to shape our state’s policies remains directly in the hands of its citizens, rather than being subject to the unpredictable interpretations of a few.

“Let us safeguard our legislative process and ensure that changes to our laws reflect the deliberate, considered will of the people.”

Key points

  • Decision should be overturned based on repeatedly expressed legislative intent that there was no Abortion-ERA connection.
  • Proponents accused opponents of disinformation for saying ERA would have consequences regarding abortion, such as taxpayer funding of abortion.
  • Decision shows the voters should oppose future abortion amendments due to judge’s interpreting amendments at will.
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