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“Take your time” can be like a healing balm to a woman facing a crisis pregnancy

by | Mar 7, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

In a society that often runs on microwaveable meals, fast food, and click-of-the-mouse shopping, we are accustomed to obtaining solutions at lightning speed.

But, as the old saying goes, good things take time. Assisting a pregnant woman facing challenging circumstances falls in that category.

It takes time to listen to her concerns and to aid her as she discovers the best ways to address them. Compassion and care are not rapid-fire responses, but require careful thought and attention to detail.

A trusting relationship is not developed in an instant, but rather over time. This is why pregnancy resource centers are so vitally important. A caring counselor can visit with a pregnant woman a number of times, helping her to navigate her journey over a period of weeks.

The counselor can become a trusted companion, assisting the woman throughout her pregnancy and beyond. She can fill in the gap when a pregnant woman is abandoned by her mother, the father of her child, or her friends, giving her the support needed to make life-affirming decisions.

Whenever my parents needed to provide me with reassurance as I faced a daunting task, they said “take your time.” This encouraging phrase can be like a healing balm to a woman wounded by life. It takes time to make a decision to parent or to place a child for adoption. It takes time to adjust to living for two rather than living only for oneself.

Time + care equal love. Pregnancy center staff and volunteers genuinely love the women they serve, offering hope at a time which can be marked by much darkness.

Protecting life, cherishing life, and preserving life all take time. And in that space of time, true miracles can occur. Hearts can be healed. Doubts can be erased. The endless possibilities of life can once again