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The heartwarming story of a newborn left at firehouse with a handwritten “I love you” note who is adopted by couple who had fostered 17 children and adopted two

by | Mar 4, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It’s the type of story that could serve as the inspiration for a script for a movie.

A mother surrenders her newborn child at a fire station in Louisville, including a handwritten note with the poignant message, “I love you.”

A couple who had fostered 17 children and adopted two wait in anxious anticipation for the phone call that would set the stage for them to welcome this child into their home.

A little more than three pounds when he was discovered, the baby boy lived in the NICU for a number of weeks before the couple were able to take him in.

In the Washington Post report on the case, Chris and Brittany Tyler express their profound gratitude for Baby Samuel. “I can’t even really put words behind how exciting it was,” Chris is quoted as saying.

Samuel will be two years old in May and enjoys a loving relationship with his two elder brothers, eight-year-old Judah and five-year-old Calvin.

“When we first brought him home, they were so excited,” Brittany is quoted as saying. “It’s really special to bring a new baby home. They were like, ‘Can we keep this one?’”

In Kentucky, when a newborn is surrendered in a fire station, police station, hospital, or place of worship, the procedure for ending parental rights starts following a period of 30 days. After that time had elapsed, the Tylers knew that the baby boy would have a forever home with them. Meanwhile, Baby Samuel will soon have a sister—a medically fragile child whom the Tylers are also adopting.

“If we can help even one person, then we’re going to continue to share our story,” Brittany told WDRB, a Louisville station.

The story shows that, in the midst of difficulty and pain, beautiful things can happen. One mother’s decision had a ripple effect, which has led to the formation of a new family—one born not of blood, but of the heart. The Tylers will be forever grateful for that mother who gave life to their adopted son and surrendered that boy in a safe environment where he could get the care he needed. It’s the ultimate happy ending.

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