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What can you possibly say about “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day”?

by | Mar 11, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

I guess I was too busy in church celebrating Lent—the season of spiritual preparation before Easter—to have noticed that the pro-death crowd had their own counterpart yesterday: Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.

Hats off, they tell us, for those brave souls that crush, dismember, disarticulate, and otherwise rip apart unborn children. I could mention some of the bizarre things (and they truly are bizarre) abortionists do to while away the hours as they extinguish the lives of defenseless babies. But you are already familiar with the depths to which these people can sink.

But listen to the praise:

Planned Parenthood—” On March 10 and every day, we honor and celebrate the professionals that provide abortion care, treating our patients with dignity and compassion.”

National Abortion Federation—” March 10 is Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. On this day, we celebrate our members who do so much all year long to light the way and help people overcome incredible obstacles and navigate their way to abortion care no matter where they live.”

Physicians for Reproductive Health—” This year’s Abortion Provider Appreciation Day falls on Sunday, March 10, so we are celebrating all week long from March 6th to 12th.”

One more.

Abortion Care Network— “#CelebrateAbortionProviders has become an annual tradition of celebrating and appreciating abortion care providers through love notes, art, acts of kindness and support, messages of affirmation, a love-fest on Twitter, and more. Join us in showing gratitude and support for abortion care providers everywhere, all year long.”

A “love-fest on Twitter”? “Messages of affirmation”? What can one say in the face of the inversion of all that is good?

We could start with the truism that pro-lifers believe in both/and solutions. We celebrate Moms with unplanned pregnancies who are enabled, often with the helping hands of others, to give birth to their little ones, the classic win-win solution which is the hallmark of our Movement.

Pro-abortionists, by contrast, are the ultimate either/or types. If a pregnancy is untimely and/or “unwanted,” those “Abortion Providers” are to be congratulated for providing a “service.”

Carrying this baby to term and allowing another family to adopt that child is as alien to them as the idea of selflessness.

A couple of years ago on Abortion Provider Appreciation Day I was struck by many of the comments from women who were “thankful” for their abortions. You didn’t have to probe very deep to see that some were so sad, their lack of self-awareness so overwhelming, they almost make you weep,

I remember one woman who tweeted

Abortion provider appreciation day is also my oldest child’s birthday. Some would ask, “isn’t it ironic?” No. It’s perfect. The abortion I had several years before she was born meant I was able to have her when I was ready and able to be a parent. #CelebrateAbortionProviders

“Ironic” is not the descriptor many people would use, and certainly not “perfect.”

As it happened the day before was her oldest child’s birthday. We are to believe the coincidence between the celebration of a day of birth and a day of appreciation for the abortion provider who provided death for a previous child is “perfect.”

After all, the woman tells us, she was not prepared to mother that first child and that child’s elimination gave her time to become “ready and able to be a parent” of her oldest (living) child.

Every time I read these exercises in avoidance I think of a 2014 interview former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards gave to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

She was talking about finally telling her children about her abortion.

It was really awesome. It’s interesting, I just talked to my kids the other day, and they knew I’d had an abortion, and they were sort of like, “Mom, it was no big deal,” but I could also tell it was important to them that we talked about it.

“Sort of like” it was “no big deal.” You don’t have to be a parent to know this is blatant self-justification, which actually comes through at the end of the same sentence when Richards casually says “but I could also tell it was important to them that we talked about it.”

Indeed, how could that possibly not be a “big deal”? You know your mom is a big shot in the “pro-choice” movement, runs in powerful circles, and was joined at the hip to the pro-abortion President of the United States.

I do not believe for a nanosecond that Richards’ children were as nonchalant as she says they were when, in her own voice, she reminded them they were short a sibling.

Coming full circle, while the woman who found it “perfect” that the day celebrating abortionists coincides with the birth of her oldest child, I would strongly suspect when her oldest living child finds out he/she is short a sibling, they will not find it “perfect” at all.

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