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What are pro-abortionists trying to hide? The truth that a baby is a baby is a baby.

by | Mar 25, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve written to make fun of the verbal gymnastics that pro-abortionists routinely employ, I’d be rich. It’s like a vein of gold that you can mine seemingly forever. Only this metal is neither beautiful nor enriches life. Instead, it is used to hide the truth that the lives of defenseless unborn babies are snuffed out nearly 900,000 times each year in the United States alone.

While words on a page or on a computer screen are effective, they have a tough time competing with the impact of videos. Done well videos combine words, images, music, and people interacting in real-time. When done imaginatively, they are highly persuasive.

We’ve written, more than once, about “Interview with an Unborn Child.” The 4 minute 16 second-long video is an eerily powerful chronicle, narrated by the doomed unborn child himself, which sends chills up and down your spine.

At the other end of the educational spectrum is “The Language of Abortion,” produced by Signal Hill, a Canadian pro-life group.

This 31-second long video uses humor (mixed with the mildest of ridicule) to convey a powerful truth by means of a question—“The language of abortion is confusing. What are we trying to hide?”

There are three settings. The first is a baby shower. Looking down we see the lettering on a cake which reads, “Congratulations on your products of conception.” As the pregnant mom comes in the room, the assembled women cheerfully laugh as we catch a glimpse of the banner on the wall: “Uterine Contents Shower.”

A quick cut to the doctor’s office where the woman is drumming her fingers as she waits to see her obstetrician. The receptionist politely asks, “Is this your first clump of cells?”

The final scene is of a very pregnant woman sitting in her bedroom. In a very lovely and affectionate way she sings to her baby, “Hush blob of tissue don’t say a word, mommy’s gonna…”

So, “What are we trying to hide?” The truth that a baby is a baby is a baby.

The video is only a half-minute long.

Please go to “The Language of Abortion” to view it and share.

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