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YouTube corrects ‘context’ disclaimer on abortion drug videos

by | Mar 8, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

On Tuesday, we discussed a strong letter of protest sent by a coalition of 16 state attorneys general to YouTube, criticizing the company for “misleading” informational posts on abortion videos, “warning that the platform is putting women in danger by minimizing the risks of chemical abortions.”

“Your bias against pro-life and pro-woman messages is un-American; inconsistent with the liberties protected by the First Amendment; and, in this case, illegal,” the attorneys general said in the letter, first obtained by The Daily Signal. “It must stop.” The video was posted by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird led the effort joined by 15 other state attorneys general. The letter was addressed to YouTube Chief Executive Officer Neal Mohan and asked YouTube to correct or remove the misleading disclaimer.

On Wednesday their efforts paid dividends. YouTube changed the disclaimer. YouTube’s disclaimer on ADF’s videos now reads: “An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It can be done two different ways: Medication abortion, which uses medicines to end the pregnancy. It is sometimes called a ‘medical abortion’ or ‘abortion with pills.’ Procedural abortion, a procedure to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. It is sometimes called a ‘surgical abortion.’”

ADF hailed the new language. “Women deserve to know the truth about the risks posed by abortion drugs, which is why first-hand accounts like the ones ADF posted on YouTube are so vital,” said ADF Senior Counsel Erik Baptist. “Thanks to the leadership of state attorneys general calling out false information, YouTube has corrected its previously misleading notice.”

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