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Abortion Czar Kamala Harris finds her niche: fear-mongering and propagandizing on abortion

by | Apr 17, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

The every-abortion-is-a-good-abortion Biden-Harris administration has hitched its wagon to pro-abortion Vice President Kamala Harris, thinking she “may make for a more natural messenger on abortion,” as the New York Times’ Nicholas Nehamas described it.

Whereas “Biden, an 81-year-old practicing Catholic who has long expressed personal discomfort with the procedure even as he has become a committed supporter of abortion rights,” Harris—the Abortion Czar—“leans into the issue” especially now that she’s touring the country trolling for votes.

But her albatross—Harris’s dismal 40% approval rating and less than engaging personality—means she had a real uphill battle to win folks over.

Noah Bierman writes for the Los Angeles Times. His story published yesterday, is headlined “The abortion debate is giving Kamala Harris a moment. But voters still aren’t sold” [].

Here is a sample of the headwinds Harris is running into.

“When a group of crossover voters was asked during a focus group about Vice President Kamala Harris, their assessments were brutal: If she is helping Biden, you don’t see it. She rubs me the wrong way. She was picked because she is a demographic. The big things she had, she failed.”

Yowzah. That is, as Bierman, writes a “brutal” but accurate assessment

As for President Biden, who “rarely uses the word ‘abortion’ when speaking,” he is perpetually nodding in agreement as his administration indulges in an all-out war on unborn children and the agencies, such as Pregnancy Help Centers, that help mothers during and after they deliver.

That frees up Vice President Harris to demagogue to her heart’s delight. Let’s hope the “Abortion Czar” is as much of a failure on abortion as she was when she was made the appointed Czar on other issues.

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