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Abortion facilities joyless presence is a sign that, as a society, we have failed women

by | Apr 12, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Acting Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

I had the privilege this past weekend of addressing a group of women who had gathered together to learn more about putting faith into action. They were motivated and inspired to help renew a culture of life in their local communities.

I based the presentation on my book, Mercy’s Power: Inspiration to Serve the Gospel of Life. The book offers some practical steps about promoting the cause of life in simple, everyday ways that anyone can do.

But possibly the most amazing aspect of the day was a baby who graced us with her presence. This smiling cherub gleefully played with her older sister while her mother gave a talk. I was impressed by the unbridled joy that this little one exuded for the gift of life.

It reminded me of all of the joyful times I have experienced as a mother. It is difficult to put into words the amazement I have felt at the daughter I was privileged to give birth to.

The fact of the matter is, abortion robs women of joy – the incredible joy that comes from seeing a baby delight in the world around her. Abortion facilities are built upon broken dreams and empty promises. Their joyless presence is a sign that, as a society, we have failed women.

It’s a message that cannot be repeated enough: abortion takes the life of an innocent, unrepeatable human being and leaves a mother to mourn for the infant she has lost. It is the very essence of despair and steals joy from families.

Thankfully, there are so many people willing to extend a hand of support to pregnant women facing challenging circumstances. Happy endings are possible and dreams can be realized—if only we follow a life-affirming path.

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