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Abortion industry lashes out as Nebraska advances bill supporting pregnancy help centers

by | Apr 2, 2024

By Bridget Sielicki

Nebraska lawmakers advanced a bill last week that would allow a tax credit for people who donate to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in the state.

Legislative Bill 937, introduced by State Sen. Eliot Bostar, is a package that includes tax breaks for a number of different scenarios, but one in particular would allocate up to $2 million for tax credits to PRC donors. The bill is backed by the Nebraska Family Alliance, Nebraska Right to Life, and the Nebraska Catholic Conference.

“What these centers are all about is helping women,” said Sen. Joni Albrecht, who sponsored the portion of the bill relating to the pregnancy resource centers. “They are helping the state of Nebraska.”

Pregnancy resource centers are known for providing countless resources for pregnant women and young families, including baby food, supplies, furniture, clothing, counseling, support. Some are even staffed by doctors or nurses who are able to offer medical care.

A report released in 2022 showed that these centers provided over $350 million in services nationwide. Despite the fact that they offer nothing but help and support to those in need, these centers are vilified by the abortion industry because they help women keep their preborn babies rather than encouraging them to kill them — and women keeping their babies is bad for the abortion industry’s business.

Planned Parenthood of North Central States held a press conference before the vote to speak out against the good work these centers are doing.

“These fake women’s health centers use deceptive tactics on vulnerable pregnant people with one goal: to dissuade them from abortion,” claimed Ruth Richardson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood North Central States.

Though the abortion industry claims that women are victimized at the hands of the PRCs, the women themselves who have benefited from these organizations tell a different story; countless mothers have spoken out with praise and gratitude for the help offered to them which allowed them to keep and parent their children.

Despite the effort of the abortion industry, LB 937 advanced from the first round of debate unopposed on a 40-0 vote.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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