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An ingeniously video documenting the continuity of human life from the beginning up to and beyond birth

by | Apr 10, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

Like so many other grandparents, my wife and I eagerly view the photos our middle daughter sends us of her young son. We do so via text every day, so you might think I wouldn’t be amazed how much change there’s been in just the last few months.

But I am!

When I looked at this morning’s photos, it reminded me of one of my favorite ways of reminding the culture of the continuity of human life: time-lapse videos, particularly those that “document” a baby’s development from the very early stages to delivery—and beyond. Periodically, I watch and re-watch them.

For example, just this morning, I revisited (again!) a 1:32 video—“A Photo Every Pregnancy Day for 9 Months.”

There have reportedly been millions of views! Here’s why.

We learn elsewhere that the mom decided, once she knew she was pregnant, to take a picture each day of herself as her pregnancy—her baby—advanced. It’s all very cleverly done.

Viewed from the side, she holds out a giant pink balloon and mimics inhaling the air. As the balloon decrease in size, she increases until the balloon is empty.

At the end, she has her back to the camera. She slowly turns around and— voilà —the mom is holding her baby girl.

The mom’s expressions? Indescribable. Watch her and when she kisses her new baby, you’ll understand exactly why I love this little video.

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