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Biden’s trouble with younger voters is nothing new, Washington Post says

by | Apr 23, 2024

Pro-abortion President Joe Biden
Photo: Gage Skidmore

By Dave Andrusko

As we look at the presidential race, it’s important not just to run out the numbers for pro-life former President Donald Trump and pro-abortion President Joe Biden but to try to understand why group “x” feels the way they do. And for how long have they felt that way.

We’ve written many times about President Biden’s decline in overall support [40% job approval], and his dreadful numbers on pivotal issues [such as 40% approval on the economy and 35% on inflation]. We also written about his sagging numbers among key demographic groups that make up the core of the Democratic coalition, such as Hispanics and Blacks.

We’ve written some but not as much about the hit President Biden has taken from younger voters. The Washington Post’s Philip Bump, no friend of Mr. Trump, wrote a very interesting piece yesterday under the headline “Biden’s problem with younger voters isn’t only about Gaza.”

His point is that Biden has had problems with voters under 30 long before Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel. The number of under 30 voters is highly volatile but “not newly low relative to Biden’s overall approval numbers.”

One other item. Last Sunday NBC’s election analyst Steve Kornacki examined their most recent poll on “Meet The Press” with moderator Kristen Welker. He started with the good news for President Biden: he now trailed by only two points. But Kornacki noted…

Although, broader picture here, this 42% approval rating, history says probably by itself not enough. He’s probably going to need more because put this in some context here: these are other recent presidents. At this point in their reelection campaigns, where were their approval ratings? Again, you see Biden’s 42%. One thing that jumps out, they were all higher than Joe Biden.

Welker jumped in at that juncture.

WELKER: And I stop here because competent and effective, that was President Biden’s, the crux of his campaign pitch back in 2020.


KORNACKI: And we actually polled this question in 2020, and it was basically the exact opposite. It was Biden with about a ten-point advantage over Trump and, again, same with handling of crisis. Biden had the edge over Trump.


And how about this? It’s the former president vs. the current president. We don’t really see matchups like this. Well, now we can measure it. Who has the strongest record as president? And, again, Trump outpacing Biden on that front. And, again, you’ve got to mention this one, too. “Necessary mental and physical health.” We asked this four years ago, it was a wash. It’s now a clear liability for Joe Biden.


So these are all troubling numbers for Biden, but it’s not to say there aren’t warning signs for Donald Trump in this poll either.

More tomorrow.

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