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Is killing preborn children ‘a woman’s most fundamental right’? VP Kamala Harris thinks so.

by | Apr 18, 2024

By Nancy Flanders

As part of her nationwide abortion tour, Vice President Kamala Harris made a stop in Tucson, Arizona on Friday where she called abortion “a woman’s most fundamental right.”

After giving a shout-out to pregnant Senator Eva Burch for “bravely sharing her story” last month when she announced she would be having an abortion, Harris told Arizonans, “This fight is about freedom. This fight is about freedom and the freedom that is fundamental to the promise of America. The promise of America is a promise of freedom. In America, freedom is not to be given. It is not to be bestowed. It is ours by right. And that includes the freedom to make decisions about one’s own body…”

She claimed that when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade it “took a constitutional right from the people of America, from the women of America…” But in reality, the Dobbs decision stated that the killing of preborn children had never been a legitimate constitutional right to begin with.

Killing preborn children is women’s ‘most fundamental right’?

Watch the video below for the pro-abortion idea of freedom:

“Just this week, here in Arizona, they have turned back the clocks to the 1800s to take away a woman’s most fundamental right — the right to make decisions about her own body,” said Harris.

The context of Harris’ speech confirms that in referring to “the right to make decisions about her own body” Harris is referring to only one thing — the direct and intentional killing of preborn children. Calling this act “a woman’s fundamental right” is offensive, degrading, and dishonest. It’s offensive and degrading because it insinuates that a woman’s most basic and essential “right” is the false right to kill her own child — before the right to life, the right to vote, the right to work, and the right to not be abused or killed.

Harris believes that above all else, a woman’s most basic “right” is the legal ability to kill her innocent child in the womb. It’s as if women are nothing and can achieve nothing, in her opinion, without the “right” to commit feticide.

It’s degrading because it sounds as though without abortion, women can’t be successful or equal to men. When legalized abortion was forced upon every state in the U.S. in 1973 — overturning states’ laws protecting the preborn — it began an era in the U.S. in which the inherent equality between men and women was still largely ignored; an era in which women were not lifted up as they should have been but pushed down to the level of negligent and disgraceful male behavior.

If men could abandon their children, they reasoned, women could kill them. Yet, abortion allowed unprincipled men to continue to treat women as devalued objects, and now that oppression is passed on to their children by way of abortion.

In addition, Harris’ claim is dishonest because it simply isn’t true. There is no right to kill a preborn human being at all. The most fundamental right is the right to life; without it, no other rights matter. Taking away another person’s right to life denies them all other rights.

The 14th Amendment forbids states from denying “to any person within [their] jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws…” The Amendment also says, “[N]o state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This protection is meant for every human being, not just certain human beings, and must include preborn children at every stage of prenatal development. It is illogical and discriminatory to claim that a child in the womb is human yet not a person. This kind of thinking has historically given way to some of the worst human atrocities ever committed.

Baby Harriet’s broken body is the pro-abortion idea of a “fundamental right,” but with the one single act of taking away Harriet’s right to life, none of her other rights were able to exist. She lost them all when her fundamental right to life was stolen.

Trump is to blame?

“What has happened here in Arizona is a new inflection point,” said Harris. “It has demonstrated once and for all that overturning Roe was just the opening act, just the opening act of a larger strategy to take women’s rights and freedoms, part of a full-on attack state by state on reproductive freedom. And we all must understand who is to blame — former President Donald Trump did this.”

She went on to say that because Trump nominated three Supreme Court justices during his time as president, more than 20 states were able to enact pro-life laws. “Now because of Donald Trump,” she said, “one of three women of reproductive age in our country live in a state that has a Trump abortion ban.”

Framing pro-life laws as “Trump abortion bans” is beyond misleading, yet that seems to be the new Biden campaign slogan. If the Biden administration wants to nonsensically blame Trump for the enactment of state pro-life laws, then in that same vein, it should also “credit” him for states’ ability to enact extremely broad pro-abortion measures and constitutional amendments to allow abortion even up to birth.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe, it told states that they could enact their own abortion-related laws. Some states chose to enact laws to protect preborn children from abortion. Others chose to become even more pro-abortion, approving constitutional amendments that actually named abortion as a right, and more such amendments are in the works. But Trump wasn’t behind any of those pro-life laws or pro-abortion amendments — the people and legislators of the states were.

Trump recently stated his view that abortion laws are “all about the will of the people,” but human rights are not up for debate or vote and states’ rights do not supersede human rights.

Live Action’s president and founder Lila Rose explained in a press release, stating in part:

Abortion is not about the “will of the people,” it’s about respecting the human right that we are endowed with by our creator. Our rights come from God, not the government. Those rights do not change because of the circumstances of our conception.

Harris is right about one thing: the fight to end abortion is not over. Overturning Roe wasn’t the end game, it was the continuation of the fight for equality for all human beings.

Editor’s note. This is posted at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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