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Kansas House overrides pro-abortion governor’s veto, on to the state Senate

by | Apr 29, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

One down, one to go!

Today the Kansas House overrode a veto by pro-abortion Gov. Laura Kelly of a bill that would renew allocation of $2M in grant funding to provide and enhance resources for women who want to make the choice to parent or place their child for adoption.

The vote on House Bill 2465 was 85-40, more than the 2/3rds needed.  But that was just the start.

The House created “the crime of coercion to obtain an abortion and provides enhanced criminal penalties for offenses committed with the intent to coerce a woman to obtain an abortion.” Senate Substitute for House Bill 2436 passed by the same 85-40 margin.

“Because coercing a woman to have an abortion when that is not her choice is always wrong, my colleagues and I are proud to stand together against abuses such as sex trafficking and sexual abuse that accompany abortion coercion and override Laura Kelly’s negligent veto” said House Majority Leader Chris Croft, Speaker of the House Dan Hawkins and Speaker Pro Tempore Blake Carpenter.

House Bill 2749 requires “medical care facilities and providers to report the reasons for each abortion performed at facilities or by providers to the secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).” That passed by 84-41.

“By overriding the Governor’s veto of this bill, voluntary and anonymous abortion data will now be made available to KDHE so they can have up-to-date and relevant information,” said Croft, Hawkins, and Carpenter in a statement. “The Governor’s unreasonable fear of this data collection is nothing but a roadblock to helping serve these vulnerable women better.”

Kansans for Life, NRLC state affiliate, urges legislators to stand with Kansas women and families by overriding Gov. Kelly’s extreme, out-of-touch, veto.

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