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Please Thank Governor Youngkin for Vetoing Four Bills that Protect Abortionists!

by | Apr 15, 2024

Thank Governor Youngkin

Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) applauds pro-life Governor Youngkin for vetoing two bills, SB15 and HB1539, that allowed abortionists and others abortion business providers to evade valid laws in other states. The effect of these bills would have been to place Virginia in a position of ignoring the right of other states to hold reckless abortionists accountable for the crimes they may have committed in other states that have passed protective pro-life laws. It would have placed abortionists in a unique class that is not afforded to any other medical professionals in Virginia.

The Governor correctly pointed out in his statement that these bills would place in jeopardy the long-standing relationship that Virginia has with other states regarding respecting the laws of other states.

“The extradition process among the states has a long and successful history within an established legal framework required by the U.S. Constitution. This bill would undermine that framework and disrupt the extradition laws in all fifty states. Our cooperative extradition system could collapse if individual states were to carve out crimes for which they would not recognize codified laws because of differing political positions” — Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

VSHL is also very aware that Virginia is being used as a destination state for abortions and that a law like this would have given cover to those bad actors who are willing to break laws in other states. In doing so these individuals are putting women’s lives at risk as well as killing their preborn children.

“Women in other states who may have been injured by abortion practitioners willing to break the laws of other places need to be sure that Virginia will not provide a hiding place for these rogue abortionists,

said Olivia Gans Turner, President of VSHL. “Thank you, Governor Youngkin for rejecting this dangerous bill.”

Governor Youngkin also vetoed two other bills, SB 716 and HB 519, that restricted the Virginia Board of Medicine from having the authority to hold abortionists practicing in Virginia accountable for failing to maintain state standards. As the Governor pointed out in his veto statement, the result of this sort of law would be to prevent the official agency responsible for maintaining safety for patients from being able to do its job.

“This bill was just one more attempt by abortion groups to provide cover to dangerous abortion businesses and individuals who want to act outside the law. These groups have no real interest in protecting women or their babies. They are only protecting abortionists willing to break the law,” said Turner. “Thank you, Governor Youngkin, for preserving the protections still in place.”

Thank Governor Youngkin

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