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TAKE ACTION: biased RTÉ Investigates documentary fails to mention harrowing abortion reality

by | Apr 18, 2024

By Niamh Uí Bhriain

Editor’s note. RTÉ is an Irish public service broadcaster both produces and broadcasts programmes on television, radio and online.

This week, RTÉ released a documentary that claimed to investigate the realities of Ireland’s current abortion services – but instead turned a blind eye to the grim reality of abortion, including the ever-spiraling number of babies killed, and the near-death of a woman after being prescribed abortion pills in Limerick.

See this analysis below – but also make the time to make YOUR voice heard. Send your complaint to RTE by emailing

  • The programme breached Section 46L (1) of The Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022 which obliges a broadcaster to report news and current affairs in an objective and impartial manner.
  • The programme was entirely unbalanced, featuring only pro-abortion voices, and was an open push for a further broadening of the abortion law.
  • The most significant aspects of abortion provision – the huge rise in the number of abortions, the case where a woman almost died in Limerick Hospital, or the case where a baby was aborted after a misdiagnosis – were completely ignored.
  • The facts regarding the 3-day waiting period were ignored, and viewers instead saw a political push to scrap that period of reflection.
  • This is a publicly funded documentary and it was openly and brazenly biased and a discredit to the station

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