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The April Edition of NRL News is in your inbox

by | Apr 8, 2024

By Dave Andrusko, Editor

Good morning. I’m just checking. You should have received the April issue of NRL News—“the pro-life newspaper of record” should have— last week in your inbox.

This edition of the monthly NRL News is loaded with information. We covered the oral arguments in FDA vAlliance for Hippocratic Medicine in exhaustive detail. The Supreme Court heard the arguments on March 26 made by plaintiffs that the FDA seriously relaxed safety protocols for administering mifepristone—the Abortion Pill.

Our coverage begins on page one with “Five Questions I’d Like the Supreme Court Justices to Ask the FDA about Mifepristone” and never stops.

Speaking of the judicial system, the Florida Supreme Court just handed down a pair of baffling decision, one very much spot on, the other drastically wrong.

NRL President Carol Tobias tells us “Regardless of your state abortion laws, there is much that can be done to save the most vulnerable among us.” This is very much worth reading.

As always there is extensive coverage of the Biden administration’s zeal for abortion. One headline captures its sentiment perfectly: “The Killing of Preborn Children is ‘Freedom’ to Biden.”

Noemi Morales’s Memoir “Reveals 25 Years of Post-Abortion Trauma.” It is a powerful testimony to the grief so many women feel for having taken their baby’s life.

A lot of educational material, loads of stories about what our state affiliates are doing, and a question that we answer: “So what does pro-abortion President Joe Biden think of Monday’s decision handed down by the Florida Supreme Court?”

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