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The media is at war against Live Action’s ‘Baby Olivia’… but what do people on the street say?

by | Apr 11, 2024

By Nancy Flanders

Live Action recently took to the streets to ask, “Should science be allowed in schools?” The answer, when discussing the science of prenatal development, was a resounding ‘yes.’

The opening question pertained to state legislative efforts to add Live Action’s “Meet Baby Olivia” video — or similar prenatal development videos — to public school curriculums. Abortion advocates have been fighting to stop “Meet Baby Olivia” from being shown to students, because they know it could lead more women to choose life and more babies to be born.

Yet Live Action recently spoke to everyday people about “Meet Baby Olivia” — and they expressed support for showing the videos to students.

Each person Live Action spoke to was shown the “Meet Baby Olivia” video. One woman said it was “much more well done than the fruit apps,” which compare babies in the womb to different fruits based on the child’s estimated size.

One man called it “beautiful” and the woman with him said, “I love it. It’s gorgeous.” They both said everyone should watch “Meet Baby Olivia” and the woman said that children, specifically, should watch it. “I think it’s great for children,” she said, “to kind of start to wrap their head around things.”

A young mother commented, “I think it’s nice to see, how it shows you how early it starts.” She thinks “Meet Baby Olivia” is an acceptable video to show in schools.

Likewise, when asked about showing “Meet Baby Olivia” to students, one man said, “I don’t see why not. Schools or, you know, soon-to-be parents.”

One woman said, “I think it’s good to know, especially as young women. When you’re graduating high school you’re an ‘adult.’ Knowing what’s going on in your body. We aren’t preparing kids like that nowadays like we should. So I think that should actually be in schools,” said one woman. Another woman with her said she agreed, but would even want “Olivia” shown to “junior high” students.

Another person said, “I think it’s great for schools because it’s actually teaching children how life is created. And so many times, we just say, ‘You have sex, you get pregnant, and this is what your life looks like.’ And in schools, if you’re able to teach people and children and kids and teens what actual, the development of a child looks like and what pregnancy looks like and what it all means, I think you’re giving them a lot of information that then they can use throughout their life.”

Other individuals Live Action spoke with about showing “Baby Olivia” in schools responded in similar ways, saying:

  • “If I saw that when I was a kid … I think I’d have a better understanding.”
  • “Yes, school would be really good. Middle to high school.”
  • “Definitely.”
  • “Absolutely.”
  • “Most definitely.”
  • “Yeah, you know just so that way it helps educate properly. I thought the animation was pretty good and it looks pretty accurate.”
  • “It reminds me of the biology books, like the stages.”
  • “Yes, it is impressive. Looks very real. I like it.”
  • “It definitely would be good for educational purposes.”
  • “100% for that.”

poll by the pro-life organization Focus on the Family found that when women who were undecided about whether to have an abortion were shown an ultrasound, 78% did not have an abortion. It’s because of this that pro-abortion advocates are scared of “Baby Olivia” and are trying to silence her.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.      

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