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Tweeting while you wait for your chemical abortion to be completed

by | Apr 12, 2024

By Dave Andrusko

I am as shocked as I am sad, although I suppose I should not be surprised. A colleague passed along a tweet which generated plenty of approving responses from like-minded people.

I won’t quote the tweet, but the sum and substance is the woman lovingly kisses her baby on the head, plays with him, and sings some songs all the while waiting for her chemical abortion to kick in. The final line reads “abortion IS parenthood, babes.”

In a previous tweet, she celebrates the sense of community—the “love and care and joy”—for an “abortion patient” whose friends “set up a MealTrain for them.” She encourages us to “bake pies and order takeout for your friends when they have abortions!”

Is it moral equivalency? Death and life? It’s “better” than that. It’s a shout-out to knowing what’s “right” for you.

That it’s fatal for the child can be ignored simply by holding the born child who “made the cut.”

Sad. So very sad.

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