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What I saw in court

by | Apr 2, 2024

By Erik Baptist, Senior Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

Last week, I helped argue at the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of pro-life doctors and their patients

Last week, alongside hundreds of determined supporters braving the chilly weather, I stood before the U.S. Supreme Court to help ensure that we held accountable the reckless actions of the Food & Drug Administration.

We were encouraged to see so many members of the alliance, and everyday families—mothers, fathers, grandparents, and precious children—standing outside the Court. For hours they stood up and advocated for the health and safety of women. Like us, they wanted to send the FDA a message: put women first.

Our team, supported by Americans like you, argued that removing the safeguards the agency once considered essential to protect women from high-risk abortion drugs, like in-person doctor visits, is an ongoing betrayal of women.

Because, make no mistake, these abortion drugs are high-risk.

The drugs even come with the FDA’s own “black box” warning about “[s]erious and sometimes fatal infections and bleeding.”

Who is the FDA betraying with their actions?

They are betraying women like Elizabeth Gillette, who took high-risk abortion drugs without the in-person follow-up care of a doctor and found herself alone and in intense pain and “profuse” bleeding that lasted almost a month.

They are betraying courageous pro-life doctors like Dr. Christina Francis. Like many of her colleagues, she has witnessed firsthand the physical and mental devastation caused by drugs that the FDA’s own label admits send roughly 1 in 25 women to the emergency room. Attorneys for the FDA didn’t challenge this fact before the Court.

Dr. Francis and her pro-life colleagues are often the last line of defense for women. Why? Because their first line of defense, the FDA, failed to do its job.

In fact, attorneys for the FDA made clear that the FDA’s decisions about the abortion drugs should be above any scrutiny. They argued that nobody, not even the doctors who have to deal firsthand with the devastating outcomes women are experiencing, should have the right to challenge the FDA.

That’s wrong. No government agency is above the law. And those who are harmed by the government’s reckless actions have the right to stand up for their fundamental rights.

Following an exhausting hour and a half of intense arguments and questions from the Justices, the case is now in their hands.

With God’s blessing and the support of American like you we’re now one step closer to holding the FDA accountable.  …

Thank you for your support. Please keep the Justices in prayer as they begin to deliberate this critical case. We remain hopeful because we serve an amazing God who is able to move mountains—and the hearts of men and women.

In Christ.

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