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Because of Gross Misinformation, Florida Issues Guidance on the Heartbeat Bill

by | May 3, 2024

TALLAHASSEE FL – Yesterday, the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) issued guidance concerning the Florida 6-week bill also known as the “Heartbeat Bill.”

Because of gross misinformation, AHCA felt the need to issue clarification on what constitutes an abortion and what does not.

“While this is common information, the radical pro-abortion left never misses an opportunity to distort accurate information to further promote abortion” stated Lynda Bell, President of Florida Right to Life.

The Florida 6-week bill provides exceptions for the life of the mother in cases of rape, Incest, medical emergencies, and human trafficking. In addition to the exceptions, the law provides twenty-five (25) million in funding for Women and Minor Girls in need.

The rules clarify and state that if “a woman’s water breaks prematurely, attempting to induce delivery is not defined as an abortion if the fetus does not survive, nor is the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy or trophoblastic tumor, a
rare growth that forms in the uterus.”

The abortion industry profits from abortions, and they still maintain the law is not clear. We know better.

AHCA stated that they issued the rule making “to safeguard against any immediate harm that could come to pregnant women due to misinformation.” “We at Florida Right to Life believe this clarification is wise and needed,” stated Bell.

The Florida Agency went on to elaborate on the disinformation accusing the media of perpetuating a “deeply dishonest scare campaign.”

“We agree,” stated Lynda Bell, “just this week during a media interview on the 6-week bill, the reporter stated that the bill has grey areas, hopefully this will put the false statements to rest.”

Florida Right to Life appreciates the Agency for Health Care Administration for this statement and their clarity.

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