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Consider all the women coerced into aborting their babies and it breaks your heart

by | May 10, 2024

By Maria V. Gallagher, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Vice President Kamala Harris recently brought her abortion tour to the Philadelphia suburbs. It is a tour of desperation, fueled by the false belief that abortion offers women freedom.

I wish that Kamala had taken time to speak with an acquaintance of mine, Becky. Becky was deeply scarred by abortion. I have heard her often speak of it, the tears falling from her eyes. She has subsequently turned her heartache into hope, establishing an organization to reach out to women facing unexpected pregnancies.

I admire Becky for her resilience and her ability to overcome tragedy. But I wish for all the world that she had never had to go through such pain.

Sadly, untold numbers of women suffer like Becky. Many were coerced into abortion, choosing a path that someone else had laid out for them. While others initially had thought that abortion was their only option, many have since come to the conclusion that abortion did not free them from their problems—it only created more.

I hope that at some point in her travels, the Vice President hears the painful testimonies of women who had abortions and who grew to regret them. They are powerful spokespeople for the dignity and value of the unborn, and their voices need to be heard and their feelings affirmed.

In the meantime, advocates for life will continue to speak truth to power, knowing that the cause of life is noble and will win in the end!

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