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Florida’s 6 Week Bill takes Effect, Babies will be saved and women spared from a lifetime of grief

by | May 2, 2024

By Lynda Bell, President, Florida Right to Life

One year ago on April 14, 2023, I was honored to stand by Gov. Ron DeSantis as he signed the 6 week bill also known as “The Heartbeat Bill”. This bill took effect Wednesday, May 1st, and will disallow abortions after 6 weeks with exceptions for the life of the Mother, rape, incest, human trafficking and medical emergencies.

Thousands of precious babies will be saved and many women will be spared from a lifetime of grief because of this law.

This bill took a year to go into effect because of a legal challenge to a 2022 bill that outlawed abortions after 15 weeks with a life of the mother exception. The challenge was brought by Florida Planned Parenthood and a group of independent abortionists.

The pro-abortionists attempted to use the “privacy clause” in Florida’s constitution to rule the pro- life law unconstitutional. Thankfully, the court found that clause does not invalidate the law.


When the 6 week bill passed in 2023, it could not be implemented until we had a decision from the Florida Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the 15-week bill.  When Florida’s highest court upheld its constitutionality, that triggered the 6 week bill into law, effective May 1st.

This is a big win for Florida’s Constitution. The Florida Supreme Court got this one right!

One remarkable provision of the 6 week bill is the financial resources that will be provided to women and children. 25 million dollars in aid will be provided to women and children in need. This is a keen example of caring for women by providing much needed resources.

Sadly, while we celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision on this bill, on the very same day, they allowed a deceptive, ambiguous, and vague ballot initiative– Amendment 4– to be placed on the November ballot.

Titled “Limiting government interference with abortion,” it will invalidate every pro-life law in existence in the state.  Amendment 4, if passed, will eliminate parental consent and put minor girls in grave danger and make Florida an abortion destination.

Furthermore, there are no health standards and Health care provider is undefined. This amendment would enshrine abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy if passed.

We at Florida Right to Life are working tirelessly to make sure this doesn’t happen.

While we celebrate the 6 week life saving bill going into law on Wednesday, we hold our breath until November 5th.  We must defeat Amendment 4.

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