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More than just a scan in Salt Lake City

by | May 8, 2024

By Brooke Myrick, BSN, RN

Attendees of The LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical in Salt lake City, Utah, during Heartbeat International’s 53rd Annual Pregnancy Help Conference/Heartbeat International

A group of medical professionals arrived to the LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical in Salt Lake City with the eager desire to learn how to offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds in the pregnancy help setting during Heartbeat International’s Annual Pregnancy Help Conference.

This group of medical professionals recognized the need at this time in history and chose to take action in becoming trained and equipped to image the life of the unborn for women and families in their community. At Heartbeat International, we know the limited obstetrical ultrasound offered in the pregnancy help setting is much more than just a scan.

The LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical (LAUC) is exceedingly more than learning how to complete a limited OB scan, as this hands-on training incorporates medical and spiritual components simultaneously. This mindset provides a way for women in need of pregnancy help to be shown love and care throughout their ultrasound exam by incorporating the LOVE Approach method.

The LOVE Approach method of ministering to others, developed by Dr. Peggy Hartshorn in 1994, has been used in pregnancy help all around the world. This approach from Hatshorn is now being transferred to the medical setting with the same mindset shared by its founder, “to explain how Christ-centered pregnancy help staff and volunteers can build relationships with women facing difficult pregnancies and help them resolve issues in a life-affirming way.”

In the book authored by Dr. Hartshorn, The L.O.V.E. Approach, she shares how it offers “the four steps to you and the larger Christian community in the expectation that you will also find them powerful in your own relationships and ministries.” During the LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical, the attendees and instructors continue to see the power within this method as it builds deep conversations and relationships in our three days of hands-on scanning together.

For many medical professionals today, the majority of their medical training has not included spiritual components or conversations. The medical professionals attending the LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical have consistently expressed a desire to incorporate spiritual truths and conversations in their pregnancy help medical services, yet seemingly find themselves perplexed on how to accomplish this.

The hands-on clinical and the prerequisite didactic ultrasound training are available to medical professionals currently serving in the pregnancy help setting under the leadership of Christa Brown, senior director of Medical Impact, Tammy Stearns ultrasound consultant, and Bryan Williams, ultrasound consultant.

“It is such an honor to introduce a mom to her baby for the very first time and this critical skill is what we are teaching medical professionals in LAUC,” Brown shared when asked the reasoning behind this approach to educating medical professionals in limited obstetrical ultrasound.

“The approach we use is relational and interactive with the woman as we share in real time exactly what we are seeing in the scan,” Brown said. “The information obtained in the ultrasound is vital for women making pregnancy choices.”

“These events are also taught using the LOVE Approach as we walk beside these medical professionals learning, offering support and help as needed,” she added. “Our connection with them begins as soon as we see their names in registration. We begin to pray and ask the Lord to guide and protect them. We prepare each of these medical professionals, not only to offer accurate measurements and assessments, but also how to build rapport with the women and families we serve. After each event, we offer continued connection with our graduates through a LAUC Friends group and monthly image review sessions.”

The hands-on clinical began on Tuesday morning, April 23, and was completed on Thursday evening, occurring simultaneously with the 2024 Heartbeat Conference. The medical professionals concluded this event by reflecting on the training and sharing what had surprised them the most.

“I came in with medical passion and the Lord has broken my heart for the preborn and now I know this is a fight worth fighting for!” one attendee said.

“Fear, worry, and stress had overwhelmed me. My cup is now full, and I am excited to go back and start my work,” stated another.

Another medical professional shared with the group, “This is the first work conference I’ve ever attended that was completely wrapped in the love of Christ. Already built relationships with others here in such a short time.”

The LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical is equipping medical professionals and then launching them out to locations all over the nation where they are then able to apply the LOVE approach as they scan the women they are serving, as well as share with other medical professionals to continue the reach of this approach.

“To see the ripple effect of these events has been amazing,” Brown said. “After several years, we are seeing the fruit of these ultrasound events, and we are incredibly blessed to hear of each life saved and each life changed.”

A medical professional in Salt Lake City for the LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical spoke to this as well and shared, “God has His people positioned all around the world doing the same work – seeing that ballroom full of people was amazing!”

The Medical Impact Team will be offering the next LOVE Approach Ultrasound Clinical on July 22-26 in Columbus, Ohio. The team welcomes medical professionals interested in learning how to apply the LOVE approach method while receiving training and growth in limited obstetrical ultrasound. For more information, please reach out to

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages Pregnancy Help News where this first appeared. Reposted with permission.

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